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This is my last straw! I feel like a frayed power cord with absolutely no connection to a socket. The life of a customer service associate may seem easy as we sit in a chair all day and answer one phone call after another, but looks are deceiving. No one warns you just how angry or resistant some people can be.

Today, for example, I answered the call of one very defiant, entitled member who knew he could throw his weight around. He was adamant that I knew nothing about what he could accomplish. His dependent had two out of network claims and he wanted it corrected immediately. This issue was in process from a few weeks ago, but everything takes time.

He espoused socialized medicine as far superior and is only waiting for our government to implement it in the states. He said France had better care. I held my tongue regarding the article I recently read regarding a woman in France who had recently experienced the removal of all food and water. She is being forced to starve to death against her will. Another woman in another socialized country who lived in a nursing home was put to death with Alzheimers. She argued that she wasn't ready to die, but since she had signed something indicating when she reached a certain level of inability, she agreed to die.

The stories go on, and when your medicine becomes socialized your say on your life is replaced by what's best for the masses. Your value as a wage earner is measured and the older and sicker you become the less value you possess for the government to continue to foot the high cost of keeping you alive.

Holding your tongue becomes a gift as a CSA. If you cannot, you can find yourself in need of a new job.

His insults rolled off of my shoulders as he asked for a supervisor. I sent the call back request and moved on with my day, glad that he wasn't on my line.

I can empathize with people who legitimately need help and I'll do all I can to meet their need and spend as much time as needed to fix a problem for that person. I do it all day long.

My rude caller called back insulting yet another representative demanding the promised supervisor call. She was the only supervisor on deck today and was finally on lunch.

I take my hat off to the representative as she called out to another blue plan which was processing the claims who called the provider. The provider confirmed the out of network claims but advised that they had joined the network shortly after and were removing the charges from the member and accepting the loss.

The outcome was good for the rude dude, but his history showed his extremely rude behavior was ongoing. You get a lot more from a call if you aren't demanding and rude at first contact. The other representative confirmed his rude behavior, but killed him with kindness and got lucky.

This call is one of many we field and gratefully, not everyone is so outright toxic, but I am fearful with the mentality of others who believe they are above everyone else and we should just jump to serve.

I applaud the representative, a coworker and friend, and told her as much. She said, "I killed him with kindness!"

I can't say what I would do if he was in front of me and I had a cold glass of water! 🤣


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I know exactly what your talking about @wandrnrose7, I worked in Consumer Affairs for a stint during my Postal career. 😠

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In am sure you have experienced it @winderwop! Thanks for reading and commenting as well as prompt delivery.

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when your medicine becomes socialized your say on your life is replaced by what's best for the masses.

This is classic! My son writes an essay on Ayn Rand. This phrase as if was written by her, only better. hahahah !!!!

This is wonderful feedback in an age where more and more people are focusing on what they perceive is best but the lofty dreams are all attached to a price few are able to conceive as probable with this scenario. We all want better but at what ultimate sacrifice? @mgaft

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Where do you live so that your medicine became socialized? Canada?

We don't yet have it, I'm in the US, @mgaft1, but many are begging for it here and I don't want it!

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Oh, geez louise, you must be from New York, LA, Chicago or some other sanctuary city. )))

lol, I'm in PA

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