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PALnet Is Ready For The Next Wave

Last night's hardfork and subsequent upgrades to the network illustrates the advantage of a nimble network capable of rapidly fixing issues as they arise. After all, everything being done here is a living experiment in motion, so hang on tight as we continue to trek on.

Fixing The Oops

Call it an initial oversight, but the lack of decimals on PALnet prevented the majority of its users from effectively rewarding content through proof of brain. Only higher sums of PAL power (>1000?) were able to feel a 1 PAL uptick when voting content previously.

Now with the hardfork, those with lesser interests now have the ability to influence the reward pool going forward, albeit still in a low value way. In the very least this continues widen the ability to cast a wider net on those with a vested interest to spur growth in this community.

I Need More PAL Power!

For anyone who at this point would feel compelled to criticize PALnet for this initial oversight, shame on you for not stepping up.

We seem to live in this weird new world of "Everything ought to be given to me."

The fact a claimdrop existed at all was a luxury in itself, and it should've motivated those with a vested interest in this new endeavor to step up and buy up all the PAL that others were dropping in a fire sale.

I personally feel no pity for those who did not and continue to do not use capital in order to INVEST into this community.

What Is Your Role Here?

Welcome to the new tomorrow on STEEM, where one can reward others or oneself on the basis of ones own vested stake in the future of a decentralized media platform.

PALnet offers a first glimpse at how specialized communities can offer unique value in within itself amongst a larger network found on the blockchain of STEEM.

Feel neglected with no chance to be a whale on STEEM? Become one on PALnet or in another community like SteemCoinPan via tokens like PAL and SCT respectively.

Become someone that matters and who can contribute. Those who only take can watch their own prospects in life wither faster than a flower in dry heat.

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Hopefully smaller accounts can feel the incentive to hold PAL in a way they didn't with STEEM. It's rough not being able to earn anything for voting/curation. Now that we have the underlying mechanics worked out, things can start getting interesting :)

Indeed! Not everyone can make it out in the ocean, but defend their interest in a small coral reef - no excuse not to!

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I am excited about all of the progress I am seeing. I don't expect perfection, just progress.

And kudos to the PAL time for doing a great job communicating along the way.

Rubbish coins doing airdrops have sort of trained most people to dump immediately and take whatever price they can get.
Since they're convinced others will dump it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, and enterprising individuals who can spot a token with a bright future swoop in and snatch them all up.
Give it a few months and people will be bleating helplessly about the unfair distribution.

Self-created unfair. That's for sure.

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cautionary word to live by

Those who only take can watch their own prospects in life wither faster than a flower in dry heat.

or rather, not live by

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