Upvotebuilders Weekly Report - 44

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Hey UpvoteBuilders,

Please if you still have SP delegated to @upvotebuilders you can undelegate it as we are not currently using it to upvote any member. You will still continue to receive your share of the power down income. Thank you.

This power down and other payments was for the past 3 weeks though I had mentioned in my last post that it will now be bi-monthly (every two weeks) thing but I forgot to do it last week. Please accept my apologies. The next power down income will be in 3 weeks time, thank you.

Power Down And Other Income

Three weeks power down has happened and the income other incomes has been distributed to all members.

You can see details in the tables below, thank you:

PDI-Tabla A - 27-1-2020.jpg
PDI-Table A

PDS-Tabla A - 27-01-2020.jpg
PDS-Table A

PDS-Tabla B - 27-1-2020.jpg
PDS-Table B

If you were wrongly placed in the membership level please let me know in the comment section below and I’ll verify and correct any error.

Steem-Engine Tribe Token Status

The stakeable tokens are on unstake mood and will be sold as they are unstaked.

Membership Audit And List

The members listed below are the ones that will be receiving the weekly power down and tribe token sales income going forward.

upvotebuilders-SP Status - 27-1-2020.jpg

@steemturbo, @antobrige, @mhm-philippines, @j85063, @ojukwu, @atongis, @shikika, @emergehealthier, @bengy, @tattoodjay, @practicaleric, @actifit-peter, @cflclosers, @grizzabella, @paramimd, @davedickeyyall, @el-dee-are-es, @lyann, @incubot, @definethedollar, @mariannewest, @preparedwombat, @pouchon, @evernoticethat, @jayna, @fiicjames, @cwow2, @kaelci, @arunava, @alvin0617, @minloulou, @honoru, @robertyan, @foodiecouple, @ketcom, @cryptospa, @boddhisattva, @sgbonus, @costanza, @morningshine, @also.einstein, @byebyehamburgers, @theb0red1, @annepink, @silvertop, @elizabethbit, @runridefly, @nuagnorab, @flaxz, @anttn, @d00k13, @frankvvv, @happyphoenix, @krevasilis, @alokkumar121, @treodecimo, @moghul, @onealfa, @improv, @everrich, @profquax, @anroja, @tulwave, @pwny, @jockl, @playdice, @rankmeupclub, @wakeupkitty, @thisisawesome, @pet.society, @fleur, @blueboar3, @fredkese, @desyfit, @aekraj, @hashzone91, @jorgebgt, @rebe.torres12, @bntcamelo, @khan.dayyanz, @priyanarc, @sp-group, @pjansen, @ookii, @velvetlacey, @kharma.scribbles, @rosauradels, @necho41, @cryptoprima, @ninahaskin, @trevorlp97, @justlee87, @dailyspam, @rajib2k5, @shortsegments, @glastar, @trydice, @wongbraling, @tiffany4ever, @bilpcoinrecords, @moeenali, @mushanov, @kggymlife

I am grateful for your time as a member and hope for the best for all members as we move along.


What’s next for you... those behind the scenes?

I think they are done tho :/

On this project it seems yes but seldom does anyone actually give up on something merely ideas evolve ..... question is what is after this? I ask because for every project I put down I pickup two more....

The project was started by @ketcom. He appears to be 100% into Splinterlands now.

Thank you for the payout, @upvotebuilders. I'm sorry to learn that the project is not going forward!

Thanks @jayna. @d00k13, when I started the project it wasn't a means for me to make money, it was to help writers who were not getting the attention the deserve from their post. As a matter of fact I was spending some amount of money to keep it going.

And then came the HF22/23, things continued as usual and we were even making good progress because we started earning more from curation. However, some people with a lot of money decided this wasn't what they wanted.

The system in place didn't protect us and a lot of people started receiving downvotes when we upvoted their post, some members became afraid of even putting our banner on their post, some left and I just wasn't ready to spend a dine or energy in fighting them as it would seem I was fighting the system in place.

Yes I am actively involved the splinterlands now, my intention was initially to buy some cards and see how they turn up in a few months time but I apparently bought the wrong set of pack which meant I needed to play the game and fortunately I was good at it. I have been hitting the top of the game consistently now and it is fun. Plus it is and investment that is growing.

As for Actifit which I hope I can re-start soon, The phone I was using for it got broken so I bought a used phone, though the phone is great and doing loads of stuff my old phone wasn't doing, however, when I installed the actifit app on it, it doesn't open but says my phone is rooted. I still do my walks and all that but no records to show for that so no reporting for now.

I am pretty much around but staying clear of the arguments and battles for and against stuff I don't think is growing the system.

Thank you for the explanation, @ketcom. You have certainly had your ups and downs! It was a great project and it came from the heart. You know I wish you the best. Good luck with your current and future endeavors!

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks a lot for the payout.

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