Upvotebuilders Contest - 7-9-2019

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Hey UpvoteBuilders,

Welcome to Upvotebuilders, the community where you receive boosted upvotes daily according to your membership level. Membership level is determined by your SP delegate to the community pool. You can upgrade, downgrade and undelegate anytime you please. We run contest regularly and you can participate in them to win double upvotes or next-level upvotes daily. Just been a member of the community gives you the privilege to participate, this is just an extra benefit of your membership.

News Updates:


We have a contest starting today for which the winners will be announced next week Thursday.

Only 5 members will emerge as winners.

Here are the rules:

  • You must be a member of @upvotebuilders community to participate.

  • You need to resteem this post.

  • You need to follow us if you are not already following us.

  • You need to upvote this post with 100% voting weight, if you have already upvote the post with less voting weight because you set us on your auto-voting list, then simply upvote our last comment 100%. Sorry about that, but we need your help to renew our leases and your upvotes will go a long way to help the community.

  • Finally, you need to come to the comment section of this post and make a comment that you have completed the task.

That is all.

Judge @definethedollar please do not inform anyone if they have completed the task or not, just go though and select the first 5 members that completed all the task and post your result on our post of September 13th 2019. Thanks a lot.

Based on Judge @definethedollar’s result on September 13th 2019, I’ll setup winners account on September 14th 2019 before the post announcing the winners goes out.

Winner will Win Next level upvote for 2 weeks – September 14 to September 28th 2019 just before the post of that day is done.

Every member can participate no matter the time you joined the community.

The only members restricted from contesting are: @silvertop, @actifit-peter, @runridefly (last contest winners), @elizabethbit (current member of the month winner), @definethedollar (judge) and @ketcom (admin).

Leased SP And Power Down Income

I used the last Power down income to extend some of our lease SP that were about to expire, I have also been using the income received via Author’s curation to extend expiring leased SP. I intend pushing our lease tenor further off before leasing new SP so that we are able to manage our leases and prevent them from expiring except if the provider terminates it abruptly.

Remember, we will be receiving our power down income tomorrow and will distribute 60% of that to members who meet the criteria on Monday. We were supposed to be receiving 30% weekly but we had the issue of HF21/22 last week and I promised that double of it will be paid out next week. The balance will be used to extend more SP leases.

Featured Member

As already mentioned when we did the introduction of this section that when we have new members we feature them first before continuing on our featured list for old members. We have two new members but will feature one today and another tomorrow and if we don’t have new member after them we continue with our list.

Our featured member is @profquax. Please visit the blog at https://steemit.com/@profquax all and show your support. Thank you as you do that.

If you don’t want to be featured please notify me by sending a memo to @upvotebuilders or through the comment section of this post. If you have already notified me don’t bother repeating it again.

Next On The Featured Member List


Members who haven’t posted recently, that is your last post is older than the payout days (7 days) will not be featured.

You can send a summary of what your blog is all about in a memo to @upvotebuilders or admin will go through your blog and come up with a summary of what he things your blog is about.

Please members this is just another way of further helping ourselves to grow via promoting our own through upvotes, comments, resteem and anyway you feel you can impact positively on other members’ blog. It will be very nice if all members are showing solidarity with the member featured so that when it gets to your turn you receive similar support.

This will also help us know more about other members and learn/see what their blog is all about. This is a social platform and the more we engage with each other I think it should be the better for us all.

Thank you everyone as we continue to work together to grow because there is power in unity!

Note: This section may be reviewed as we move along to make it more effective as we continue to receive more feedback.

Steem-Engine Tribe Delegation & Donation

3500 Sports token delegation by @cwow2

15 BEER token donation - @definethedollar – 7, @phoenixwren – 1, @fredkese – 1, @cwow2 – 1 (If you gave us a beer please indict so that I can include your name, thank you).

75 TULIP token donation - @emergehealthier

1000 NeoXAg Delegation by @bwar for 30 days

1 COFFEEA - @phoenixwren

80 CTP token donation @flaxz

Steem Basic Income (SBI) Shares

Members can also support us with Steem Basic Income (SBI) shares donation, SBI shares guarantees that the community post receives upvotes and the more SBI shares we have the higher the reward value we receive through upvotes. It is a very sustainable way of growing the community and Steem at large. You can read more about SBI in the link below:


SBI Donation

Our current SBI share is now 99 see full details of the donors below.

SBI share status

Please inform admin in the comment section of the latest post so that we can update the names of donors and properly thank you for your good gesture to the community. Thank you.

Steem Basic Income (SBI) Donations Received

@emergehealthier – 25 (10 + 5 + 5 + 5)
@cwow2 – 15 (5 + 10)
@kaelci - 7
@definethedollar – 5
@mariannewest - 5
@thereikiforest – 22 (12 + 10)
@phoenixwren – 2 (1 + 1)
@evernoticethat – 8 (1 + 2 + 5)
Anonymous - 10

We thank you all for your donations and really appreciate you.

Membership Upgrade

Some members have been kind enough to upgrade their membership by delegating additional SP to their current delegated SP. This is really helping to grow the community SP which in turn grows the value of our upvotes.

Membership SP delegation will help reduced our reliance on leasing SP. Help us grow this community to encourage the content creators that are poorly rewarded through the upvote value they receive. So we need the big time delegators to join us and reap the benefits available for all members.

Upvotebuilders Animated Banner

If you’ll like to use our banner to further promote the community in your post, here it is below, we always appreciate your effort in growing the community.


Posts And Mentions

We are extremely grateful to members that have been spreading the word about the community through their post and mentions. This is indeed helping to promote and advertise the community to a broader audience. Your efforts are much appreciated as this is cheaper than using bid-bots.

Membership Status

We currently have 95 members with a total delegated SP of 14,360 SP, we leased 13,667 SP and 2,000 SP from a free sponsor. Our members SP is getting bigger than the leased SP, this is very good and we hope it skyrockets soon. You can check out all the details on the table below. Please remember that the early bird gift starts counting from the day of launch of this community.

upvotebuilders-SP Status - 7-9-2019.jpg
Key: L - Level, SP - Steem Power, VW - Voting Weight


@blueeyes8960, @steemturbo, @antobrige, @crypt-skip, @mhm-philippines, @j85063, @ojukwu, @atongis, @shikika, @emergehealthier, @bengy, @tattoodjay, @practicaleric, @actifit-peter, @cflclosers, @grizzabella, @paramimd, @davedickeyyall, @el-dee-are-es, @lyann, @incubot, @definethedollar, @mariannewest, @preparedwombat, @pouchon, @evernoticethat, @thereikiforest, @jayna, @fiicjames, @cwow2, @kaelci, @arunava, @dknkyz, @alvin0617, @minloulou, @honoru, @robertyan, @janyasai, @foodiecouple, @ketcom, @cryptospa, @boddhisattva, @sgbonus, @costanza, @morningshine, @also.einstein, @byebyehamburgers, @theb0red1, @annepink, @silvertop, @elizabethbit, @runridefly, @nuagnorab, @shortsegments, @flaxz, @anttn, @d00k13, @frankvvv, @happyphoenix, @krevasilis, @amico, @alokkumar121, @treodecimo, @moghul, @onealfa, @improv, @everrich, @rem-steem, @phoenixwren, @profquax, @anroja, @tulwave, @pwny, @thedevilsbride, @jockl, @steem4nepal, @playdice, @rankmeupclub, @wakeupkitty, @thisisawesome, @pet.society, @fleur, @blueboar3, @fredkese, @barbadosso, @steemincome, @desyfit, @aekraj, @hashzone91, @jorgebgt, @rebe.torres12, @bntcamelo, @khan.dayyanz, @alexvanaken, @priyanarc

The community is grateful for your membership – There Is Power In Unity


Membership @upvotebuilders is by DELEGATION ONLY, it is not a paid for community. If you want to sponsor the community you can freely delegate SP to us and specify that it is for sponsorship or you can send us Steem/SBD to lease more SP. Our sponsors don’t receive upvotes from the community account except they specifically want to be a member and also sponsor the community in the way they feel best for them.

To join just delegate SP to @upvotebuilders based on the membership level you want to belong to according to the chart below

Membership Delegation Levels

Level 1: 10 - 49 SP delegation - 3% voting weight
Level 2: 50 - 99 SP delegation - 6% voting weight
Level 3: 100 - 249 SP delegation - 12% voting weight
Level 4: 250 - 499 SP delegation - 18% voting weight
Level 5: 500 - 999 SP delegation - 27% voting weight
Level 6: 1,000 – 2,499 SP delegation - 36% voting weight
Level 7: 2,500 – 4,999 SP delegation - 45% voting weight
Level 8: 5,000 – 7,499 SP delegation - 54% voting weight
Level 9: 7,500 and above gets you 60% voting weight

All membership delegation levels will receive one upvote daily (every 24 hours) this is to curtail abuse of the system. You can always increase, decrease or undelegate to @upvotebuilders at any time and we will adjust your voting weight accordingly.

How To Delegate @upvotebuilders

Goto https://steembottracker.com/bottracker.html,

• Click on "Tools" and then "Delegation Manager".

• Enter your username without "@" symbol as Delegator name.

• Click on "Load" button.

• Write "upvotebuilders" as Delegatee name.

• Enter amount as Steem Power.

• Click on "Delegate!" button.

• Steemconnect page will open and now you should click on "Continue" button to approve delegation.

You can also undelegate using this method by changing the delegation value to 0. Thank you.

In Conclusion

We appreciate all members that have joined and will continue to work so that you receive the best rewards for your commitment to the community. We need more members to grow our SP so continue to spread the word by resteeming our post. We suggest you put @upvotebuilders on your autovoting list to make it easier to upvote us. Follow us if you haven’t and best of all, we would like your feedback and comments. Thanks always.



All done.
Also increased my SP delegation by 10x fold.

I love contesting.

!giphy contest

This particular comment may be self-upvoted later, IF it will be attacked by @honusurf 's downvotes (also by his secondary accounts and/or allies @coininstant, @firealien, @firealiean, @kdtkaren, @mauialohabella, @malia.mancianti, @robinmmthompson, @me-we)
This self-upvote will be done as an unavoidable countermeasure to defend my stake from violent attacks by @honusurf.
He was muted from PHOTO tribe few days ago, because of his spammy, automated posts, and soon has officially declared a flag-war against certain random members of PHOTO tribe.
If you are member, and like photography - beware.

You delegate to some spammy fool, thanks for pointing him out! flagged!

Thanks a lot @onealfa, your account has been upgraded. @definethedollar is handling this contest, he will list the winners on the due date. Thanks again for the SP delegation.

Nice I'm downvoting @upvotebuilders right now! thanks to @onealfa for tagging me!

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

Hi, I have completed all the requested tasks.

$trdo & !BEER
!giphy contest

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

Congratulations @amico, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @upvotebuilders!
@upvotebuilders got 6 TRDO & @amico got 4 TRDO!

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Great work, and it's been upvoted and resteemed.

Hi, I have completed all these tasks. Thanks

To view or trade BEER go to steem-engine.

Hey @upvotebuilders, here is your BEER token. Enjoy it!

I completed all the tasks!