GOLDY 🥇 has some FRIENDS coming to stay...

in palnet •  2 months ago  (edited)

These: (I can only say it is over ONE and less than ONE HUNDRED) 🤣😂🤣

^^^Look at those EYES!^^^

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She looks HAPPY to ME! 😎😍

1875 S double Eagle obverse.jpg

I know I am

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Very happy indeed!

I think they all gonna roll up some spleef when they get here 🤣😂🤑

And no Beard on her as in my shocking Coinstar dream blog. Perfect.
I got to stay away from those old 19th Century European silver coins of the old bearded guys.

Who cares as long as they are SILVER or Gold? ;)
I'd have a cow if I found a Gold Coin in Coinstar LOL


The US Mint gold coins are the best gold bullion coin to hold!

I wanted Maples (24k) but those are not allowed on my SDIRA


2 reasons, really...

  1. They are less per coin (but not much)
  2. They are not US Issued, and therefore not as likely
    to be confiscated. But they must be "3rd party held"
    and my IRA is self-held. 😎

So much sparkle!