Garden Pics - Huge Zucchini Discovery - Winter Gardening

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Gardening in the subtropics,

Just wanted to share some pics of my garden, its really thriving in the winter months as summer here can be stressful on the plants. But this winters been great with a fair bit of rain and really lush growth in this new bed.

Zucchini Surprise:

When I went to inspect and harvest a few of the zuc's I saw something odd under one of the leaves, now I don't normally let them grow much bigger than 15cm, but this guys like 60cm long and must weight at least a KG, I'm kinda at a loss, maybe I'll try zucchini soup?

Volunteer Tomato's

This guy was just there one day, but has gone nuts also, been eating quite a few of these sweet little guys, almost half cherry half salad tomato.!!!!20190726_095227.jpg20190726_095133.jpg20190726_095128.jpg20190726_095113.jpg

Watermelon, Herbs, Seedlings, and Overview shots.

So lastly just some random shots, some of the watermelon coming along and some random other shot.20190726_095208.jpg20190726_095013.jpg20190726_100840.jpg20190726_095014.jpg20190726_095019.jpg20190726_100836.jpg20190726_095137.jpg20190726_095139.jpg20190726_095142.jpg20190726_095149.jpg20190726_095200.jpg

All organic all natural!

Its really nice eating the goodness you grow naturally with your own hands, and its very easy to achieve, if you dont already give it a try. Plant some seeds, its very rewarding!!


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