My First PalNet Post

in #palnet5 years ago

Hello PalNet!

So, I just discovered this platform, along with Snax today. I am excited to see how blockchain technology continues to advance in the social media front.

As a fairly early adopter of cryptocurrency, it's amazing to see how far we've come. From being shunned by governments and corporations to both adopting and even developing their own blockchain-based currencies!

My hope is that mainstream blockchain tokens remain decentralized and that those using them have unrestricted access to trade and use them freely.

After blockchain-based exchanges, namely those involving FIAT, adopted newly imposed government regulations, things started getting tricky for those of us hoping to pave the way. I personally had to shut down a bitcoin faucet after violating some unnamed code from the largest search engine in the world decided they didn't like their ads competing with crypto-ads in the same little space. On top of that, lost access to the largest crypto/FIAT exchange as well.

I digress. PalNet, Steemit and the many new forms of blockchain-based social media platforms emerging are hard-earned fruits. Cheers.


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