Warner Music Group Invest Into Cryptokitties! - They are calling it Flow.

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Warner Music Group is looking to move into the BlockChain industry...

They are investing $11.2 million into Dapper Labs best known for creating one of the first viral games on the blockchain known as CryptoKitties.

CryptoKitties, lets users combine unique digital kittens and trade them.

So many people attempted to play it overnight that it almost broke Ethereum...

Dapper Labs alongside WMG's investment are now trying to create their own blockchain in an effort to combat this...

They are calling it Flow.

It is projected to be able to handle many more transactions than Ethereum even with more things going on besides CrpytoKitties.

Certified investors will obtain a traditional corporate share, but with an option to turn it into tokens that can be spent on the network

WMG is also testing two different blockchain platforms for directly connecting musicians with their fans without the need of intermediary distributors.

Details about Flow are minimal and only disclosed to investors according to SEC regulations...

Could WMG's investment increase the snowball for other big-name investors?

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