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...and the history repeats again and again lately...BITCOIN corrects, STEEM shyly grows, BITCOIN stand up then STEEM goes down...Only yesterday STEEM was growing at 7% rate a day, while BITCOIN was stuck a between -2 and +1% rate, actually STEEM managed to recover from the 64th position to the 54th in a short time and it was really encouraging to see that good signal....

And now, we are back to the start, defending the former position in front of altcoins as the "very well-known" SOLVE or the famous THETA:

Of course if BITCOIN grows strongly, it pushed all the market prices, including STEEM but the thing here is that STEEM does not manage to grow at the same rate, even more, it used to decrease a little in relation with BITCOIN, which indicates that people sells STEEM for BITCOIN, continuously...

Since early April, we have a clear and solid resistance level placed at 0.45 USD. This level has been touched more than 5 times since then, and every time we get a rejection downwards.

50DMA and 200DMA weirdly travelling following the same jumps, everything under "control"...

@steemit , @ned , the majority of the witnesses and some other major whales squeezing the lemon in a "controlled" way, while we, the "dreamer" steemians that still keep being active, try to squeeze their brain while searching for more options, more newcomers, more attention at tweeter, facebook and at everywhere... creating the SPUD day, promoting the Seven77 Challenge, creating

... A few hours ago, I have read a post from @klye which has been bombarded with a massive amount of downvotes of flags or whatever the name they want to use...a very sad situation indeed.

The post title is: "Power Down Halted... Time to Get Back to It!"

@klye is not only a witness but also a skilled developer, well appreciated, at least in the past, by the developers community at STEEM. This witness fellow decided to stop POWERING DOWN his STEEM stake and so, quit from feeding the exchanges with his "modest" STEEM extracted from the Power-down process...

In my opinion, that's the kind of commitment I would expect right now from a witness...that's why I am going to sacrifice one of my 30 voted witnesses for him...

I wonder what would be the price of STEEM right now if the biggest accounts would also halt their Power Down...

What would happen if all of them stop feeding the exchanges for, let's say, a couple of weeks or so?

Would it be positive for STEEM to recover?

Would STEEM move within the 30 first places of the total market cap? and, if so, would not be a major attraction for investors to come?

I think YES.

Why not a massive shout out in order to promote a STOP POWER DOWN MONTH aka SPDM?

Please, think about and resteem this post if you agree...


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Agree! I will also use one of my witness votes for @klye.

Thanks, please, resteem this post if you agree so we can spread it

I don't have much exposure, but resteemed anyway 👍

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The term dreamer steemians is a fitting description for us. I doubt we'll have a consensus on people not powering down any time soon

Me too but we should try it

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The problem is the witnesses need to pay for their expenses some are living from it. The lower the steemprice the more they must sell. Of course stop the power down but who is paying for the development and the dedicated servers aren't cheap. But on the other hand if they would cut their expenses and powered only the needed steem down and sell only what you need the steemprice would go up and they will get more for their steem and need to sell less to cover their expenses. But I think that when they sell their steem it will fall again because people know that people need the steem to cover their costs.

Make a face book like app on steem where you can decide who befriend you and see your profile with private groups etc running on steem and you are the winner much of the FB users are willing to switch. And the app builder has a goldmine. You have millions of users with that the steemprice will be rising fast. Yes with advertising bots where you can advertise your post on other profiles.

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So you have the advertising earning model and giving back to the users. So you have a circulating supply of steem. Nobody made such an app yet.

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Sounds like a great idea.

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MIRA and all the stuff being deployed at the blockchain should cope with cutting the costs of driving it.
Come on! why not stopping a little this leakage!
Agree with the Marketing idea regarding FB like app

I'm glad you mentioned this @toofasteddie. This IS a problem that needs to be addressed. It's mainly due to ned's team. I'm not going to mention names (even though I know exactly who), but this problem is happening straight from within Steemit itself.

Ned is sucking us dry, leaving us with jack squat. I have a post that I wrote awhile back that describes this situation.

As far as I am concerned, he is swiping the rug from underneath us. He is pulling the wool over our eyes. Gut feeling says I just know it. Question now is... How do we stop it?

I can't believe I just found someone like you who can also also identify the problem. Is it only us?

No matter how hard Steemians try to blog 777 and all that, ned is hard to beat. He's buying and selling on average hundreds of thousands daily. He doesn't care about steemit really or about us.

We need some sort of campaign. A strong one.

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We should try to promote a STOP POWERING DOWN and see what happens

With good planning and implementation, a campaign like this could work.

Second thing is, powering down isn't the only way to get money on steemit.
It's the trading part in bulk, like putting in orders of 1200 sbd at a time. Every time you trade, your SP gets higher. Traders don't need SP because they're not blogging. That's why they need to power down and reinvest, giving it back to bittrex. This is a hard problem to solve.

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