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In case you didn't know, the latest Steem Hardfork added the ability to vote for proposals to receive funding. The funding comes from the inflation of Steem and votes are stake weighted. Currently there are only two proposals getting funded, and one of those is the Return Proposal which takes all remaining funding and returns it to the funding pool.

One proposal that is close to getting past the Return Proposal and actually getting funded is the one by @steemchiller for supporting SteemWorld. Many people use Steem World for insights into their accounts and it's a valuable tool. @steemchiller supports the project on his own with only the proceeds of his weekly post to cover the costs.

As it stands right now, the proposal is only 300,000SP away from getting funded. This would allow Steem Chiller to continue operating the tool that so many of us use and appreciate.

Head over to and vote!



Thanks for helping keep this valuable project going! You all are amazing!


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I certainly will go vote..

Thanks, Dave!

Great post

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Thank you!

Hmm... I wonder how those not voting are managing their Steem life - how does that work without Steemworld?

I'm not sure. I think #steemworldisthewholeworld. I haven't seen anyone who has been able to prove otherwise. Ha ha.

I can't vote for it! (Because I already did)

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Thank you! You're already on top of it. :)