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It's been a long journey, but with my latest rewards redemption, I finally hit 2,000SP! Although it doesn't move me into Dolphinhood, it's still a big milestone for me. I couldn't have imagined hitting 2,000SP when I initially started over 1.5 years ago.

That first 500SP was tough to reach, at which point I got the voting slider bar. Now votes are worth little, so it's not needed. Ha ha

I think things started picking up for me when Steem Monsters released and they've been going gangbusters since I found I could sell the DEC to get more Steem. I've even traded real-world items for Steem and that helped a bit too.

This has been a crazy adventure thus far, but reaching milestones like this makes me want to keep pushing it. I like powering up because that means my influence grows and I can give out ever-increasing votes.

I look forward to the next milestone, but am humbled and thankful to have reached this one.

For all of you who have helped me get here, a huge and sincere "Thank You!"

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Excellent news!

Well done mate. Good effort indeed.

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Thanks, man! I appreciate your support along the way. :)

You're welcome.

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Thank you!

I was just telling soyrosa that I needed to do my 2000 SP post. I went over just after the outage, It was going to be a Monday post for me, but well, I still have not got around to it. Congrats on the year and a half, it took me two years and a month, but still very happy to be there. I may still get around to making a post about it, then again maybe not.

Hey, congrats to you too! That's exciting! It's fun to see others hitting milestones with you. It's tough to time everything for posting. Sometimes the moment just feels like it has passed and we move on. That's ok too. Just make sure to give yourself a pat on the back for getting here.

I just hope the vote values go up soon. I really want to start voting some comments, but not at 100% or below dust vote level. So just two pennies more on value, or another 300 SP and I should be above dust level at 50%, which is what I would really like.

Timing is a lot of it, and mood to, hard to post when not in the mood, not because of steem value or anything, just not in a thinking mood the last few days. It will pass.

Hey, @themanwithnoname.

Congratulations on the milestone. Definitely deserved and well earned.

Now, what you gonna do with it? :)

I'm going to continue doing what I have been doing, writing posts and voting on stuff. :)

There's not really a master plan. I just work on stuff and see what happens. I'm not dedicated enough to do Dtube videos or anything. I just make posts and hope for the best.

I have gotten a fair amount of progress from playing Steem Monsters. Those gains have sometimes been quite substantial. For instance, I have one card that I can destroy in exchange for 75,000 DEC. That's 375 Steem at today's prices. I'm holding off to see if I can sell it for more, but we'll see.

Congratulations so much!

Thanks, man! And thank you again for the turtle. It's still one of my favorite memories from Steem. It's at the end of all my posts. :D