He has decided that my bedroom closet is a safe place!

Isnt it amazing how pets all do that find a safe spot for themselves, Our Cat used the bathroom hidden under the sink

When he is at home he goes into the basement under the stairs. Poor guy. Because my house is on the river I don't have a traditional basement for him to escape to! My cat used to go in the same closet!

Being used to having a basement nit having on their may be getting him less comfortable in storms but that is balanced by having such a caring person as you looking out for him on his visit

He usually spends most of his days alone, so you would think having a person around would help, but who knows? Maybe it just is more stressful because then he not only has to worry about taking care of himself but taking care of me also! Who knows what dogs think?

Yeah your right sadly we never really know what is going through a pets mind even if we think we do know LOL

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