Even MOAR announcements for @creativecoin: Delegations and STEEMPEAK Integration!

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We have two more announcements regarding the www.creativecoin.xyz tribe!

The first is one that I wasn't expecting for a few more days, but delegations for Creativecoin are now live! Delegations can be made through the steem-engine.com site.

This will allow us to start sponsoring contests with delegation prizes and supporting other contests as well. We're very excited about this as we think it will add quite a bit of value to the tribe.

The second announcement is that we will be live on Steempeak on 7/25/19. I do not know exactly when, but it was confirmed that we will be included when they do their update.

The Steempeak team of Jarvie and Asgarth were very communicative and helpful, very painless process. Thanks guys!


Its good to be on here, and the fact that delegation has set in, meaning the tribe will bring more activities on the platform.



Interesting. Would be cool if there was a market for swapping out STEEM delegations for CCC delegations. I'm feeling hesitant about going all in on CCC, but doing a 3 month delegation-swap of 75% of my SP would definitely something I'dd try.

Don't go anywhere near CCC! I thought U were smart? lol

Could you elaborate?

I just think it would be dumb swapping out steem delegations for CRAP because CCC is going to go down to worthless status while STEEM is going to eventually rise against it like the wind! I don't really know all the details in this matter, I was reacting cold heartedly to your comment. I hadn't even given it any thought until now. I may need to go back and read da context even. I seriously don't like these tribe, I think they are all scams and anything to do with them from delegations to bid bots to buying tokens to earn more trash you must sell instantly, to mining tokens that are centralized and worthless is not wise! I was kicked out of all the tribes by this guy @swelker101 and even before that the rewards were not working. Same with on weedcash. I'm one of the biggest weed growers on the site, and they blocked me for having my opinions. I know u are a genius, so I really can't win any arguments with you. I'm sorry, I really didn't mean it calling you stupid. Keep on steering on this troll! Good Job! Have u seen my flags lately, emmaculate job - eh? Peace!

From my point of view, SP, after HF21 will be pretty much worthless for (non-strategic) curation for anyone caught on the wrong side of the reward curve, what pretty much includes everyone below the size of a mid-range dolphin. Swapping out SP delegation for CCC delegation I feel can make sense for both parties involved if the delegated SP ends up in the mid/top dolphin range or orca range where it still has value.

If I upvote a comment after HF21, at 4k SP, my minnow vote won't even reach dust level, so what is the point. If I upvote with just 10.5k CCC, at this moment, my red-fish vote is actually worth something.

If I had money lying around to quadruple my SP stake at this moment, and if I had confidence Steemit INC may end up getting half a clue about mathematics and economics, buying extra STEEM to power up with might have been an option, but currently neither is the case. My SP stake will be meaningless after HF21, it will have value if delegated because of the reward curve.

On the other side, buying a lot of CCC seems ill advised also at this moment. Think I'll aim for something like a 25k buy-in at most right now, then see how organic growth works out for me, but a swap of delegations I feel makes a lot of sense. A larger dolphin with enough CCC would benefit from the swap, as would a minnow like me who likes his curation to have a bit of an impact after HF21.

Hope I'm at least partially making sense here.

Oh you make sense. I hear you. I'm still waiting for this HF? I won't ever touch CCC with a 10 foot pole though. If this HF destroys steem they will just do another HF to fix because there need money too, so I'm not worried about the HF. I hope the HF gives big drops & more buying opps for STEEM!Buy low, sell High! I see this proposed HF as just another means of FUD. What's taking them so long for the HF anyway? I think SMTs will be the future, not these centralized DB layer tokens.

This is great. I will keep lurking in the discord to know the time of steemspeak

Fabulous news! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication, Shane. <3 You da boss. ;)

Buenas tardes, tengo tres preguntas.

  1. A quien se delega.

  2. hice mi primera publicación en creativecoin.xyz pero, no aparace, alguien sabe como corregirlo.

  3. Mi voto dice que agregará valor, pero marca ceros.

This is getting better and better every day!

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Sweet delegations, been waiting for this. Can borrow my brother's CCC for a month or two while he is out of town xD

It's great to be a part of this revolution!
Thanks for your support my friend!

Awesome news. Keep up the amazing work brothers!