Announcing PoS based mining with our SWEET-SCOT

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Hello Steemians,

We have been working on our custom SCOT solution for our tokens as well as to help other tokens get started with their community for lesser investment than the Steem-Engine SCOT.

Comment based SCOT

We have already deployed our first SCOT service for Comments based stake for Trendo( TRDO) token and STIP tokens.

Stake based Distribution and Mining

Today we are going to Deploy our next SCOT service for Stake based Distribution for TRDO token which is mined by users having staked TRDO.
We are also going to deploy Stake based Mining for STIP tokens based on users staked miner token (SWEET).

Whats Next

  • Delegation based distribution (PoD) is being actively developed and will be announced sometime this week.
  • Custom UI and Proof of Brain (PoB) rewards will be announced as soon as PoD is deployed.

Contact Us

Discord :

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Where is Trdo's SCOT site?

Working on that! All developments happens out of Scot Team's Services. Cheap solutions but do the extract the same job! But to add a condenser, we have to plan a lot or get Scot service with that too!


TRDO does not have a custom Nitrous. We are working on a trendo rankings page instead that only displays the posts rewarded by trendo.

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I am interested in knowing more about this feature. And I am also interested in understanding your Proof of Delegation concept.

Sorry, @swapsteem, You can not Reward STIP Token, You must have Atleast 1000 STIP tokens to Distribute and use this Bot.

To view or trade STIP go to
Token distribution bot developed by @swapsteem & @ali-h


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Congratulations @swapsteem, You are successfuly trended the post that shared by @swapsteem!
@swapsteem got 6 TRDO & @swapsteem got 4 TRDO!

To view or trade TRDO go to
Token distribution bot developed by @swapsteem & @ali-h

Thats great news, looking forward to testing it out. I wanted to ask when the steemconnect 3 will be deployed, been trying to set a p2p buy order on it but still can't get into the site

Steem connect v3 is being implemented. Would be available soon. We are struggling with funds right now to keep the services and development going. Hope we get some more support from steemit and community.

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