The Ninth Panel of The 50 States Hamilton Mint Silver Bars Set. States #17 and #18 Ohio and Louisiana........

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The Ninth Pair of States That Were Admitted Into the United States of America Were Ohio and Louisiana............

Now Let's Take a Look at These 2 Beautiful Ounces of Silver That Are States Heading Out West and Down South............

Ohio and Louisiana.........

Ohio The Seventeenth State of The USA, Admitted March 1, 1803.......

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capital-Columbus

Louisiana The Eighteenth State of The USA, State of The USA, Admitted April 30, 1812

Reverse of The Silver Bar, Capital Baton Rouge

Be On the Look Out for States #19 and #20 Coming Up Soon........

Interesting FACT on the Louisiana Silver Bar They did Not Spell Out The Entire Month of April. Do You Find That to Be a Little Strange Considering April is Only a 5 Letter Word ??

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Have you been to any of those two cities, @stokjockey.
Have I told you that CH MySweetPea Is Queen of Everything (that is the name of my Yorkshire Terrier) was from a breeder in Louisiana?

I have not been to either of these Two States @silversaver888

Why does the silver look like copper? :-/

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I have Poor Lighting Conditions and It is Very Hard to get Good Silver Pictures with the Blue Cards that Contain these 2 Silver Bars......@wirago
Silver is Extremely Reflective too.........

Ah, ok, was just wondering :D

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Yes Silver is tough to photograph sometimes.....


Thank You for Your Kindness @silversaver888

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