Man, that was EASY! Transferring STEEM to The New Place...THANKS, Blocktrades!

in #palnet4 years ago

that new place, H i v e?

did you know how easy it was to send your STEEM to the better place...Give me an H...Give me an I...Give me a V...Give me an E!

Blocktrades makes it a snap! And

Because I wasn't paying attention, I'm not sure of the following...take your time and do it right. it. let's escape from this shithole while the escaping is good!

  • Go to your wallet and click SELL to the right of your balance
  • Blocktrades will open a new tab
  • Log in (it doesn't take long to create your account if you haven't already)
  • Change the SEND and RECEIVE as shown below


  • Add your address for The Better Place in the entry box as shown above
  • Use SteemConnect to send the $, next down the page


  • Once it's done, wait for the confirmation (one more downpage)


  • Go to The Better Place , power UP, and start participating in a truly decentralized community

I'm lucky that I started my powerdown as soon as Ned backstabbed us, and sold out to the ChiCong. FUCK @justinccp



What was involved as far as KYC with Blocktrades? I still have about 9 weeks for my powerdown to complete. I started it soon after the Justin "Ima destroy Steem for my shiny new Tron tokens" Sun rode in declaring he is head emperor.

i dont understand KYC?

I basically traded for h i v e, and powered some up over there

and yeah, fuck @justinccp

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