The Love that exist in secret.

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Hate is a strong word,
Love is stronger.
I want to love you even in a cage,
If loving you is a rage,
I wanna be cut in the act.
I want to hear the roar of the lion,
Fly away with you in an eagles wing.

I am very much like a puppet,
I love unconditionally.
My eyes are quick to tell what I feel,
Now I just want to fly with wings.
Away with you forever.
If I get caught then,
Love is capable of is saving me.

Till now, the love was tied in fetters,
Break it, now I want to roam free for you.
Hate makes manacles stronger,
But love breaks the chains.
I want to feel your touch so tenderly,
While flying all around the world.

Cheers, and thank you for reading.

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