First Flight With My New Mavic Mini Drone

in #palnet4 months ago

First flight with the Mavic Mini.

I didn't get it out for very long because I was a little pressed for time but everything worked perfectly for the 20 min flight.


If I had more time I would have taken it closer to the bay as it was a pretty calm day, but I was already down that way and that would be backtracking to get home on the bumpy dirt road. Too bad I didn't have it over the weekend while I had more time eh Scotiabank?!!

It will look better when the leaves start coming out anyway. Everything is so dirty looking without leaves to give the pictures some color.


@landonator was with me and got a little bit of flying in. He's not bad flying the Tello, but it's hard to give him control of a brand new Mavic Mini until he gets a little better on the smaller one. Even though the Mavic Mini is a small drone under 250g, it seems like a monster next to the Tello drone.


I'm glad everything worked pretty much right out of the box. All I had to do was charge the batteries and controller and everything else worked flawlessly.


I captured a little bit of footage but not much for the first flight. Just a quick flight out towards the bay and back for a few hundred meters. It's weird going from 100m range to a 5km range. Definitely something to get used to and I can't wait to get a really long flight in - especially since I have 90 minutes of battery time.

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