Open Tasks On Steemtaskr - Free Posting For June - And Free TSKR Tokens

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A quick reminder that it's free to post tasks for the month of June. Got something that needs doing, but can't do it yourself? Put up a task on Steemtaskr and find a fellow Steemian to help you out.

Want to earn some quick Steem?

There's a couple of open tasks on Steemtaskr that are waiting for you to complete and earn Steem. Pop on over and check them out. Newly posted is a task from @teamhumble who is looking for someone to write a guide on installing MIRA for a witness node.

Free TSKR Tokens

Resteem this post to get yourself 10 TSKR tokens. These will be transferred at the end of the 7 day payment window.

What Is Steemtaskr?

Steemtaskr is a services marketplace that allows you to find people to do the things you need doing. Post tasks that you need done, and fellow steemians can offer their services to you. Anything local or online that you need doing can be traded for steem/sbd on the platform. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, providing an immutable record of your trade history.

And as always, if you can resteem this to get the word out about this important addition to the steem marketplace ecosystem, it would be much appreciated. A successful cryptocurrency needs marketplaces in which you can trade in the native currency. Let's help make this a reality.

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Can tasks be created with a pay in a different token?

And is it possible to not have the task be a top level post?

Just SBD and Steem.

It's as a top level post. If you use steempeak you can select to hide it on your blog with a toggle switch when creating your task. If I had seen what tokenBB was doing (all posts as a comment) I could have created it as a comment on a generic top level post (via @steemtaskr). Off the top of my head it might be possible to change it to such a state, so I will keep it in mind if the platform starts to get more use. Thanks for the idea! :)

Done. Resteemed!

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Resteem this post to get yourself 10 TSKR tokens.

I don't see tskr on steem-engine
yeahh...found it now. No trade volume at all. Nevertheless I resteemed your post.

Had no idea about this projects's existence :) resteemed!

Cheers mate!

Hah already offered myself for one job over there :) Gr8 idea!

Resteem done. Cheers.

Resteemed....Thanks for the giveaway.

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Resteemed - more folx need to know about Steemtaskr! :)

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Thank you @phoenixwren

Upvoted and resteemed :) i already tested the system and it looks great! STEEM ON!

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Resteem done. Keep up good job. Thanks

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Interesting. I've tried to run a book review lottery with 90 STEEM in prizes that failed to get any entries. Maybe I could look if creating a task on your platform for next month's promotion will get me some of those hard needed reviews.

Ik weet niet precies wat de bedoeling is maar dclick en steem-bounty kunnen ook nog wel eens helpen inzake marketing.

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No complaints about sales/downloads, but book sites such as Goodreads and book channels such as Amazon, Play, Kobo, iBooks, Bol and Smashwords have the possibility to leave a review of a book you've read. And so far, I've had none of those. I've had some ratings, but those are just star counts. So I am basically looking for full reviews on any of these sites. I tried running a lottery where writing a review would get you a lottery ticket and there would be a 50 STEEM, a 20 STEEM and four 5 STEEM prizes, but unfortunately not a single review entered.

So now I thought, maybe if I simply offer maybe a 15 or 20 STEEM reward (plus cost of a verified sale if required) for an honest book review on one of these sites on steemtaskr. But then, I'm not sure if steemtaskr is meant for those types of tasks.

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You speak dutch?
Are you selling on Amazon? I do know a little trick to get reviews.
There are on facebook many groups where you can get reviews. Type in facebook search: "amazon free product tester group" or "amazon top reviewer group" "amazon top eu reviewer group" you can find many more groups than this.
There are many chinese people in those groups who gain the amazon system by basically sending people their product for free in exchange for a good review. You could maybe offer there people a free book for a review.
Because the problem with amazon is, if you let people write a review they should have bought the product. Amazon knows if they do a review and don't buy the product it could be fake so they don't take those reviews as much into account.

But this is actually not strictly legal in the sense that amazon will ban your account if they will find out. That's why you shouldn't advertise for reviews online. Most do it in facebook groups that are hidden from public for that reason.

Yes, I speak English. Dutch, French, and Papiamentu relatively fluently. I can understand German, Portuguese, Frysian well but lack the skill for speaking it properly. Finaly, with quite some difficulty, and if you keep it simple and speak slowly, I can understand some Spanish, Danish, Gaelic and a tiny bit of Fongbe. I do prefer using English to respond with if you don't mind, but pick any of the languages above for your own messages and I'm sure I'll figure out what you mean.

I do have my book on Amazon, but quite frankly I've found Amazon a huge waste of time and (advertising) money. I've actually made more sales on Bol.Com of all places than on Amazon, despite having run ad campaigns on Amazon, so I don't think I'dd be too upset if Amazon canceled my kdp account for whatever reason at this moment actually.

At this moment I don care that much what channel I get an honest review on, the more bussy ones like Play and iBooks would seem more logical, but Amazon, Bol, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or SmashWords would be OK as well. Or apart from these, a (in theory) chanel independent book site like GoodReads would be cool as well.

Anyhow, I'll check out your recommendations, tnx.

Hmm that's interesting. Probably because amazon is a bit saturated/competitive depending on the niche you are in.

(I have some experience with ecommerce but never launched an ebook. It's probably not easy to get the ball rolling. )

Do i have to buy the book on google play to give a review? I can give you one if you want. But what text should i put in?
If you have some inspiration, let me know: nielsagaert at hotmail dot com
I have a good google account.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I can also do if you want i have an account there.
And i can also do amazon but if i won't buy the book the review will not be as valuable.

Sent me the texts you want to have

Any task that someone could complete will fit with Steemtaskr. :)

It will but problem is that the whole Steem community is so small.

There is btw another project like yours who is existing for a long time. I forgot the name, but their site is pretty death right now. Are people really interested in doing commerce here?
And problem is also that this is an international community, which makes the shipment of products hard. So it only makes much sense for online type of services.


Resteem and upvote

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Resteemit and upvote and follow!

Upvoted and resteemed I already tested

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Resteemed ... Good Luck.

Resteemed and more power to you

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Resteem done. Upvoted.