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RE: The Rival: Warcraft III at WorldCyberGames with 40.000$ Pricemoney!

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This was one of my favorite game. And the story being WC III should the the next movie.

I'm very happy that blizzard reborn it .

Never forget the orc peasants sound when you click on them :

Work! Work!


The lore of Wc3 is really epic and was the foundation of the WoW Univers, great stuff for movies

Lok'tar Ogar

For the HORDE!.

WC all captains with horde and alliance. But more like the horde
In WoW i played with trolls . Mostly mage or priest , But didnt play from years. Not i'm thinking to take Vanila because old friends call me all the time

fCk yeah! I saw some Vanilla Streamer on Twitch and tuned in for hours... can u remember your first WOW character? Dude... it was Mind-Blowing!

Hell yeah it was Orc shaman