The Lifecycle of Creativity

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Creativity is Born from the Words, Pictures, Things & such Prior

I came across a couple old pieces of nature I've had for some years today! There had been a vision in my head of what was to become of these pieces. As time does, the end result envisioned has morphed into something new. The process remained much of the same with similar tools. Let me introduce to you a bigger process and my smaller process, in pictures, with a story...

Origin Story 1.0

Not much is known from a time before the material world was pulled into existence.
A void perhaps,
left by something missing.
Perhaps our own universe is but a single cell. Combined with many other island universes forming a tear drop from yet another creature, many billions of times larger. Who knows?

It's one of our most unusual and oldest of unanswered questions. All we know, is earth, water & air started it all.. They laid our foundation for which all things are built upon. Others,
They may use their own things & such.

Let there be life 1.0

After some time Strange Things started reacting to neighboring other things and resources from afar. Starting a process of creation, but on a much smaller scale.. like the barnacles on our own sea vessels... More time passes by bringing those small bug sized things, some of which were even smaller this next comma on your screen , wanting to reach for the skies...
And reach did they ever!! Taller than our most massive Skyscapers. Time does things, as with the remains of the tree I held in my hands...

A New Lease on Life

Feeling a connection to these pieces of nature left behind, unknown to the world. Remnants of their bubble on our own island in space. I waited for the perfect moment to do something special to honor their past.
As with everything to be created into something new, some deconstructing had to be done. A process began to modify Mother Earth to accommodate Father Stone in absence of their Old Homes..
This slate ready to present itself to the world with the support of that which it had raised, in their old lives, itself.. Completing the Life cycle of the original tree and stone.

A Blank Canvas

As wandering people do, they wondered what would become of the newborn thing, spawned from that which came before it.. Before long, all of the most popular creative people with their specialized words, pretty pictures, most useful things & such started came around.

The creatives gathered around began to get their tools, obtained in their own adventures from another time, assembled into a particular order learned over time. As the Creatives contemplated, beginning to gather were some Dopey characters and even some that were Bird like ones being goofy & getting in the way, taking audience to the Creative process.


Time Marches on

As time marches on and new ideas are born, things before are also reborn, everywhere, with new purpose...
Like our resident goofy Android Penguin. He's an older model, before digital clouds with 4gb of memory.

What would you draw on your blank slate?
Bonus points for those sharing pictures of their own.

This is going to be a living document for the next few days, editing as ideas and words, and maybe more pictures come to me. After payout I'll be drawing something on the slate drawn from comments. The SBD payout from this post will be traded for steem (if not enough is rewarded in payouts, I'll sponsor the difference for all "drawing thoughts" you suggest, so have at it, it's a free SBI share) distributed to those that had ideas I took as my own seedlings. To which I want to express my thanks.

I hope you enjoyed an adventure on my creative process today, thank you for reading my story and checking out the pictures along the way. Spend your time in the present well and may you have a safe journey, wherever life takes you. Namaste.


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