This post took up a whole chapter in your book? Must have short chapters.

The book's chapter isn't shortened for Texans, ROFLOL!

You complain that it is too long, then that it is too short sheesh...decide already....

After all no one is waiting to hear, LOL! :D

Did you like the post? You going to add wind power? How are your 'late prepping' efforts going?

Stay safe!


We don't have any late prepping efforts going on. The only thing we looked for is more cleaning supplies and disinfectants but maybe next week stocks at the stores will start to be replenished. There's only so much people can buy right? lol.

Oh I forgot about that giant post, I don't know what that's about, wind turbines? I'll have to go back and look, I didn't have 30 minutes to spend on it.

We haven't thought about using wind. But the wind blows all the dang time here so that sounds like a good option.

Bank accounts have been stripped to buy supplies. I expect six weeks before the shelves will refill. When this happened on ammunition stocks, it took 18 months to recover and restock!

So don't hold your breath, and plant a garden as soon as you can down there!

Wind is a good supplement source of power; and all the hot air in Texas, should make a lot of power....


Are the ammo stocks gone now too?

Last most places.

But you should be set up to reload by now!


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