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RE: Save some of your SBD in the wallet...

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I am trying to understand this also..
I know SBD was supposed to be pegged to the dollar, and it sort of is .......
This might be the reasoning, that as Steem tanks on the open market, SBD might hold its value somewhat.
Then when Steem bottoms trade for SBD that might be .96- .99 cents for a pile of cheep Steem🙃


Hi @silvertop

I think turning STEEM to SBD may benefit you simply because most likely price of steem will tank even more, so you could re-buy it a bit later. That's obviously gambling but with high probability of success.


It’s very difficult to time this trade, I see that this morning SBD is back up to .91
Of course the price on Steem block explorer might not be the price that I would get trading.... It would carry some risk.
I have been checking the SP of a lot of the very large accounts, and cross checking there delegating.
I have found a trend of deleting 90% of SP and profiting from this and just commenting/voting with dust.
I was trying to analyze this and how this would continue under HF21.....
Your thoughts?

Appreciate your awesome reply @silvertop

I have found a trend of deleting 90% of SP and profiting from this and just commenting/voting with dust.

Unfortunatelly most large accounts do not care about supporting community. It's all about instant gains :( My impression is that demand for STEEM will only be dropping and selling pressure will increase even more. I would expect price of STEEM to keep dropping down.

What do you think?

I also wanted to make some suggestion.

My impression is, that the hardest part of attracting attention on STEEMIT is the fact, that our audience have very little chance to actually find our publications. Lack of solid notification system is an obvious issue. And regardless how hard I would try - there is very little chance I would find out about your new interesting publications (my feed is just flooded with to many posts).

Please allow me to share some suggestion with you. If you would ever publish content related to blockchain, crypto, artificial intelligence, psychology etc. then perhaps you could simply send me memo with link to that post.

This way not only I would have a chance to read your publication, drop a comment but I will also `upvote it right away with almost 20k SP voting power (I also have almost 10k PAL tokens, which may give you some extra benefits is you're using

Please let me know what do you think. This surely should sound like a interesting offer :))

Cheers, Piotr

Thank you so much @crypto.piotr, I will do that.
I try to write a post once a week updating what is happening with Steem and crypto and investments. I will be building this post today and I will send you the link in a memo.
I cross post to Facebook to give Steem some exposure, and I have had one person sign up for an account...
I will see her this weekend and I will try to encourage her, she thinks she lost her private keys at startup.
I believe Libra will start on time, they have very powerful investors backing this startup, money talks!
Yesterday I read that off shore accounts such as Binance will remain private and that caused the $1,000 rally!

Every Crypto is just following BTC, and the sad thing is when BTC drop's everything drops....but then BTC surged over 1,000 dollars and Steem is still flat.
Yes I tag Palnet and several others, and I am hoping not just for rewards, but also exposure for our blockchain.
The latest I have started to tag is the partiko app for mobile, I an just reluctant to enter my active key on my IOS just to sign-in
Someone told me that I only need my posting key to do this , so I need to explore this further.....So far I have not been able to sign in with SteemConnect with just my posting key....
I believe that the people that have steem accounts now are solid, they are the foundation, but we need to act quick to grow this blockchain.

I love to see how responsive you are @silvertop

I got your link. Will check it out tonight, right before bedtime :)

Yes I tag Palnet and several others, and I am hoping not just for rewards, but also exposure for our blockchain.

I will be more than happy to help you out (since I'm having quite a strong engagement and solid followebase). So keep in touch buddy and if you ever would like me to share your post with some people I know then just give me a shout :)

ps. Would you perhaps consider using "enter" from time to time? To separate blocks of texts? It would make it much easier to read.


That sounds good, I think where Steem is at the moment the more everyone promotes each other and we continue to get the word out the better..

I don’t know if cross posting to Facebook is having any impact but I keep dropping seeds!🤗

Cheers 😊

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Now we just need to hang on till they get tired of trashing the BTC price.
I am staying here, I have a deposit clearing in a week and if they want to trash the Steem price I will just take a deep breath and scoop up some cheepSteem.
I think that the Steemians that are here now are the rock’s of Steem....

converting steem back to SBD? shit there is a lot to master here. I cashed in some partiko a few days back. I'll do more today lol