Had a concert yesterday in Istria. Update. :)

in palnet •  4 months ago  (edited)

Sharing a few photos. :)

Also i will be shooting my first video in 4k (Black Magic Pocket cinema camera)on the 13th of July. I found a professional video producer to shoot and create the video. Currently im working on the ideas for the audio which will hopefully be recorded in the next few days.
There is a reason why there arent many videos these last few days.

I know it makes little financial sense to invest so much time and effort into one video for Steem. Financially smartest move is posting videos everyday. But that way you never create something of greater value. :(
But this video is targeted towards Youtube and Facebook instead of Steem, in order to promote Steem a bit and see if what i do has a greater appeal.

Which song will it be?

You will have to wait and see. :D

Im really hoping that this will do well on youtube. Fingers crossed.

Anyways.. Here are some photos of Istria. :)






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