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Are you a manual curator or are you an auto-upvoter? You may wish to listen to the video above and maybe take warning. Do you know what type of posts you are promoting?

Let us all quit worrying about the perverts, pedophiles, and misogynist celebrities in the news who we can do little about and start dealing with the one's in our own backyard (the STEEM platform), by boycotting lousy content.


Much thanks to @arcange and the @steemitboard team for the Steem Board of Honour


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true that.. I met a Syrian that LOVES Al Assasd was being upvoted by smartsteem. I have now undelegated.

I want to read and know what I support, people get greedy and don't care and that's part of why the price is so damned low, gotta get good, op/ed
good message

Great advice, @sgt-dan! Have always been a manual curator myself.

Sarge, y'er beard has become even more epic! Wish me pirate ship was like the one in y'er painting, me 'earty!

Good advice, most definitely! I follow no Curation Trails currently! 🙌

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