And...Here...We...Go - Palnet is Alive!

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Figure I'd be one of the first to give it a run. Been part of the msp community for more than two years so how could I not! ;-)

I like that the interface is rather familiar and have to say I'm impressed at how fast it all came together. I feel like the whitepaper came out just a few weeks ago.

Give it a gander here:

Will be exciting to see what does or does not come from this...either way, I like that action is being taken!

Here is an overview of the white paper that I snagged from @meno's post:


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Nice to see you on this side, bro! Don't currently have any PAL-power to upvote you with on this side, unfortunately ;(

And I don't even have the SP to upvote you on the other side, cuz I delegated it all to bidbots :(

I'm ready for a shakeup (in a good way) within the Steem ecosystem. Here's to hoping that this PAL thing is a/ the catalyst.

I hear you bro! Time for some change, steem/steemit has been a bit disappointing.

I will definitely have to give this a try! I am seeing them all over the place and will have to give it a go in due time!

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Breathing new life into steem! Things are happening so quickly! WOW! I'm trying to get the word out about and PALcoin.

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