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Hello lovers of games and easy money! Lol

3 hours ago @steemslotgames announced Video Poker on Steem Blockchain!

With Video Poker Double Up you can test your luck in the classic 5card draw poker game!

Standard rules - anyone who has at least some idea of poker will figure it out!

I immediately followed the link ....


The login is possible through SteemConnect or KeyChain. All your keys are encrypted on your cookie file and they remains 100% private.

I deposited 25 steem and started playing with a bet of 0.3 steem!
Then I switched to bet 0.5 steeam


Winning bets can be doubled up to 5 times in a row!


By the way, I want to share my observation: in 80% of cases of doubling, I opened by pressing the red chip first (I don’t know if you will also have one, but I was always lucky with a red chip!)

A few photos from the game ...


I decided to stop when I reached 50 steem - more precisely 49.9 steem.


The game took me no more than 15 -18 minutes, and I doubled my deposit. Lol

BOOM 25 STEEM after 15 minutes - you hear me Kaaaarl - 25 STEEM after 15 minutes )


I clicked the mouse 132 times - all statistics can be viewed in the menu.
If you ask me, will I play tomorrow? I will answer YES !
I really liked the design and speed of the site.
I recommend you try (the game has been tested by me personally)

I leave here my personal referral link
When registering at this link, you and I will receive small STEEM awards !!!
I wish you only victories !
Who does not risk he does not drink champagne ! (as they say in Russia)


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@russia-btc, Congratulations and doubling up of Investment is really exciting aspect. Stay blessed.

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Thank you bro - although the last time I played poker more than 5 years ago ) but it was so easy that now I will play 20-30 minutes a day. Good luck to you too!

Welcome and thank you so much. My good wishes are always with you. 🙂

Nice score @russia-btc, congrats! 🎉
Guess it's hard to get a better scenario than doubling the deposit in a game that has Double Up in the name! 🤣

Thank you also for your post! We sent a little gift to the bot to express our appreciation. 😉