I am under attack - and happy about it!

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Good morning everyone,

yesterday evening I got a message that I one of my planets in NextColony has been attacked. @raphaelle has attacked my planet Kappa and made quite a big loot - I was busy coding the last days and did not make it to use my resources or explore.

Bildschirmfoto 20190927 um 06.37.27.png

Auch, that hurt. However, I am not angry about this attack - not at all. Actually, I am quite happy...

As a founder of the game I thought that it would be inappropriate to attack other users - but if somebody attacks me, I feel free to strike back. And this is what I will do. But no worries, @raphaelle, if you want a truth or even peace, I will be the last not to accept it.

All the best,

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He is also on my list :)


RIP @raphaelle :p

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That sounds fair. (:

  ·  18 days ago (edited)

Never thought that someone would be happy to be attacked, nor in real life, nor in a game .... :) But nevertheless that means there is movement and addiction of the game, so I would keep on coding if I were you :)

OK, @raphaelle - you're in trouble now ;)
Tim, Be gracious with her. Everybody can make a mistake ... once ...