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Today i would like to share with you a project that i came across when i did some research on upcoming crypto-curreny project that can really revolutionize the crypto space.

The token is called the Khipu token.

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Khipu token basics:
Khipu will explore a series of ecosystem tools for refactoring traditional enterprise businesses into the blockchain.
The Khipu team is one of the earliest teams in the industry to engage in the
development of enterprise-level parallel distributed applications. It has more than ten years of experience of successful development and deployment in this field.

Using blockchain domain-driven design and sharding, Khipu is building a popular system for applying blockchain to the enterprise.

Performance: As an initial goal, Khipu explored the maximum capacity of a single Ethereum node.

The above points are more technical, but in simple terms, Khipu will provide inclusive enterprise blockchain services for everyone, across all nodes.

In exploring a series of traditional tools as candidates for blockchain refactoring, Khipu has selected several prime use cases.Khipu will have a distributed search engine blockchain, the first target use case for the team.

Currently, centralized systems are controlled by large corporations who suffer from numerous problems, which include monopoly of information, disclosing of private data and biased information.

The Khipu token is designed to become the sharing platform for decentralized, point-to-point communication with decetralisation being an important attribute to its delivery

Having overcome many problems affecting traditional search engine, the Khipu platform will become a powerful search engine controlled by the people rather than an company or individual entity.
The team team plans to further develop their enterprise blockchain platform, SDK, smart contract IDE, and real-time monitoring system to enable additional enterprise-grade products and services.

The Khipu Advertising Chain Maintains a Healthy Advertising Ecosystem

While providing the public with a high quality, ad-free search engine, Khipu is able to maintain operating revenue for Khipu Search through their Khipu Advertising Chain. The search engine blockchain and advertising blockchain are maintained separately to reflect their independent operation and business.

A dedicated client provides a view for both Khipu Search and the Khipu Advertising Chain, defined as the blockchain browser. Through the blockchain browser interface, users search and are presented results from the search engine chain as well as advertisements from the advertising chain.

Advertisers may, through a dApp on the advertising chain, employ the Khipu dedicated Token (KIP) to deliver ads to users. The blockchain browser not only enables distinct operation of Khipu Search and the Khipu Advertising Chain, but also maintains a source of revenue—a win-win situation for users and advertisers alike.
A Talented Technical Team with Big Plans for the Future

As the dark horse of blockchain technology in 2019, Khipu has played a crucial role in developing distributed applications and enterprise blockchain solutions. Khipu plans to complete their Ethereum enterprise platform and SDK in the second half of this year and welcome their Khipu Search prototype by the end of 2019. Formal Khipu Search testing will commence in 2020 with a public go-live planned for Q4 of the same year.

The Khipu team is confident that their expertise and dedication to the technology can help provide significant process for society as a whole. They look forward to working with a variety of blockchain practitioners to make this dream a reality in the near future.Khipu - which is the fastest Ethereum implementation and will run on the latest and fastest hardware which will set it above the rest.

Khipu plans to complete their Ethereum enterprise platform and SDK in the second half of this year and welcome their Khipu Search prototype by the end of 2019.

They have also launched there official airdrop which can be found here:

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