Where I Have Been

in #palnetlast year

Into the world of bots, thats where. I can just leave it at that or I could expand. Let's expand.


When I was younger, I used to read a lot. For the last few years, the amount that I've read has been terribly bad. But I started reading again. Thanks to @wesphilbin and his book recommendation, I got a few books and have been reading them. Just managed to get the book that he recommended today so add that to my list.

Sorry for the shitty photo, my phone is REDACTED and is giving me problems, best I could do.


Where else right? World of bots. My homeland. Haha, been doing come contract work, creating bots for others as well as working more on GiftGiver's curation aspect. Contract work takes up a good portion of my free time. Still great to see when stuff I've built gets put to use.

Got a really cheap server from @privex(Thanks guys, you are awesome, Sweden will be amazing from what I've seen), and I'm excited to use it with GiftGiver's new(er) curation tools. All posts are still manually picked, don't worry.


Palnet, Splintertalk, talks of ScotTube, Steem-Engine are all around great. I've been spending a lot of my time with them recently, and gotta say, these are some high quality stuff.


Yea, I've been playing a lot of it. Like wayyyyyyyy too much. Game is addicting. DEC makes it great too.

Stuck On Code

Yea, I was working on some bot before I came here to write this. Stupid code doesn't wanna work. Damn I hate it.

Why the hell won't it work?

I can't even tell. It looks right to me.


New season of Supergirl is out. At 40 minutes an episode, and about 20 episodes, thats 800 minutes that I gotta spend on that.


Look! It's a car. No, it's a train. No. it's your pal; Captain Pal! PALvoted :)

I look forward to hearing what you think about Snow Crash. If you want recommendations for more recent SF let me know.

Would love some. Need to get back into reading, and some recommendatuons would be great.

Given your interest in heisty things, I'd recommend Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie, All Systems Red by Martha Wells, and Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone.

Them software bugs will get all the time.

They get them way too much. #stopallbugs

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Its an interesting time to be apart of the Steem Blockchain that is for sure.

Binge watching Netflix series or any series can be time consuming. If you got the time I would recommend watching cobra kai (Youtube Show).

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What kind of bot are you working on. What is the error message? You wanna swap Bots? lol This is sick, just saw the bot on my back disappear here!

Steem-Engine bot, @givememonsters to be exact. No error message, thats the fun part. At random times it decides that it wants to stop the streaming, and my restart function doesn't seem to make it work.

Same here, no error is the worst. Got to look for the logs. Thanks for the info!

Moved to use their stream() instead streamFromTo() to temporarily fix it, but that means I can't replay blocks if it's down for any other reason. Makes life a bit easier.

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