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Hello Steem users

While I was hovering over my Steem-Engine wallet and there I found I had a Steemmonsters Beta token which I have sent to Steem_engine in the past during the SEED funding and kind of forgot about that token. While as it is seen I wanted to give another shot at that token and to my surprise the TOKEN did hold some nice cards as it seems.

74 copy.jpg

1 Steem Monsters Beta Pack


While as it seems the cards were quite surprising for me, as I was about to sell that token in the market. Well that would be a little loss. Nevertheless with 1.95 USD price of the token as of the moment let us see how much I have got in return.

1 Leg = 2.69 USD or 3000 DEC
2 Rare = 0.24 & 0.10 USD or 30 & 40 DEC
1 Neutral = 0.16 USD or 15 DEC
1 Common = 0.06 USD or 15 DEC

So in total USD 3.15 and in terms of DEC its 3100. Not bad for sth which I was going to sell lol grumping over 2 USD but yet everything counts I believe.

My current SM account worth right now is


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The above posts received upvote from rehan.spt account. Did some voting on other accounts depending in the posts quality. Resting the VP (of my account) for now and I will be on search for few more amazing posts from

Note: Images taken from Steemmonsters (few edited by me) and from posts of users as Thumbnails of theirs.

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