Lost In Caducity

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Lost In Caducity

With age many changes happen to the mind and body. I would like to think I know and understand a lot more now but is it just caducity playing a trick with my brain?

What’s worse than watching a love one fall into progressive caducity? Not only loved ones like your parents but friends who have always been active but now hardy leave their homes.

My mother passed before caducity could claim her mind but my father was not so lucky. He was a man who loved to read ~mostly western novels. Eventually he could not comprehend the written word. He became restless and confused and would become irritated when he couldn’t remember simple things.

My dad, my hero was becoming as fragile as a broken robin’s egg and I wanted him back as the kind gentle father I knew with the ready wit.

Remembering names did not seem like a big thing. As long as I could remember, he always called everything,

“Thingamajig, thingamabob or whachamacallit.”

Now I’m getting older, I’m using the same slang names as Dad. My sister and I laugh as she (although much younger) does the same and we both blame our dear old dad for sending us into early caducity,

...end of five minute freewrite . Prompt: caducity.

Above photo of broken robin’s egg on the ground is mine.

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@redheadpei I am so sorry caducity took your dad. My Mother cared for Alzheimer people in her home she had them 24/7 she did this for 30 years I have seen the heartache of their families, it is a wicked disease.

Dad was 86 when the signs started and he stayed with me the last year of his life. I was happy to have that extra time with him. Thank heavens he wasn’t violent and was mainly in good humor.
In a way, looking after him that year helped keep my mind busy and off the loss of my only child, Kevin. Kevin had passed in a car accident.

So sorry to hear about your lost.

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Thank you Kitty. 💕. Life sometimes deals us heavy blows.

@redheadpei my condolences, I am truly sorry for your loss. I am glad you found happiness in caring for your Dad. Many of the people my Mom cared for were violent, even my Mothers sister who came down with it and Mom cared for her, she was the sweetest caring funny person until she came down with Alzheimers then she turned mean, it was so sad.

Thanks @myjob. I appreciate your kind words. ❤️
I knew a lady who was the nicest person, never swore or said a cross word to anyone. She turned into a foul mouth, mean person and would curse anyone who drove into the driveway. ( She stayed with her daughter for a time who lived across from my parents) - totally different. It’s hard to believe you could have such a drastic personality change with this disease. Was that personality lurking inside them all the time?

@redheadpei I do not know if that sort of personality was in them all along but have wondered the same thing. My Aunt was just the sweetest person and she did a 100% flip, like you said cursing and just mean. Heartbreaking but my Mother never got mad at her and she would try to distract her from what was making her mad. My Mother is a Saint, I do not know how she cared for these people, also she did not believe in medicating them. She had one lady that kept going out the door so she hung a dish towel over the doorknob and the lady never went out the door again. She could not see the doorknob and to her, it was not a door.

Haha, I like to think that vagueness is due to a very busy mind, lol. I can't find a pair of grey socks right at this moment, such a pain because I put them somewhere when I was trying to do a couple of tasks at the one time. I never learn.

Angie @angiemitchell. 😂 I blame it on our heads being too full with years of knowledge. Like, how can we remember it all?

Yes and our heads keep absorbing more and more, I can't stop reading and listening to others. I keep hearing the words - Use it or loose it! So I keep using it, lol.

Haha. Best to keep using it, Angie.

Names are not that important already as the 2nd child is born... The names for the kids are picked out with care or a fight... My dad simply said all our names as he needed one of us... He was about 30 years not senile, too busy with himself to remember us.

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That’s true Kitty. I remember my Dad going through every child’s name before getting the right one.

Seeing some slowly stop being who they were is a very hard to watch. it begs the question what really makes us who we are.

It’s a gradual progression but especially difficult when they are afraid and don’t know you. I was lucky with my Dad ~he didn’t say my name but always smiled when he saw me. He knew I was familiar and that was good enough.

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Mum had dementia... one of the things that concerns me since it is supposed to be hereditary..
And it's funny that you say your Dad read a lot and yet... hmmmmm
I thought keeping the brains busy helped keep it at bay...

YOu know I didn't know the meaning of caducity.. good thing Marianne gave the definition too
And by the way spell checker is telling me the word doesn't exist hahaha

Thank you for sharing with your freewrite

It is a mystery what causes dementia. Dad had a sister who lived to be 98 and still very alert. On the other hand he had a brother who had dementia starting at the same time as Dad.
Dad lived alone for 15 yr. after Mother died and I wonder if not having proper nutrition has a lot to do with it. He could cook but didn’t so much by himself. He ate a lot of hot dogs at a local restaurant.
I always thought doing crossword puzzles and reading would help too.

Guess will just keep working those brain muscles and hope for the best ;)


Your freewrite is really good and i like most because it is true.

Thanks @kamrunnahar for your kind support.

Howdy redheadpei! excellent freewrite and this is all true I assume? Perfect use of the word, which I didn't know the meaning of! Nice picture of the egg shell too.

Thanks and yes it’s true Cowboy.
Caducity means a transitory, usually failing state.
the infirmity of old age; senility.
frailty or transitory nature.
"read these books and reflect on their caducity"

I learn something everyday from steemit! whether I want to or not. lol.