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RE: Upvotebuilders Weekly Report - 34 And Contest

in #palnetlast year

Excellent post yet again 🙌. I would like to nominate @actifit-peter for member of the month of November. He is a dedicated actifiter and also supporter of upvote builders 👍😁.

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I'll second that nomination "practical cleric" (what my brain sees) :)

Thank you very much, Eric! Maybe I make it this time as a member of the month! :-)

You are welcome Peter👍😁

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You deserve it my friend!!😀

Thank you @actifit-peter your nomination has been validated.

Hello @practicaleric, thank you for your nomination of @actifit-peter.

@actfitpeter deserves the win! He has been nominated several times the past few months as a result of dedication.

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