Guess the number, win the gold card. plus the 2 closest guesses will win 1 sbi each!

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This is an easy to enter competition, just pick the number and win the card.

I don't want to make this difficult, plus the Contest Kings motto is

  • No Upvote
  • No Resteem
  • No Follow

Of course that doesn't mean you can't, I'd love it if ya did.
It's just not a requirement for entry!


To enter all you must do is:

  • Pick a number between 0 - 100
  • Write your SM name
  • Tag a friend who may also want to win a Gold Foil card
    (example below)

26 @philippekiene, tagging @criticalthinkin

If two or more people pick the winning number, the person who guessed it first will win the card, the other(s) will win an SBI share and get another card as a bonus.
Otherwise the 2 sbi will go to the 2 closest guesses The winning number will be selected by RNG once the post has reached payout.

It's that simple!


Today's Bad boy is...




philippe.banner NEW.png
Steem pagebreak.png

Good Luck!

Remember it's between (0 - 100)


Want more chances to win... click here


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Thanks for your entry, remember to make your entry valid you must tag a friend who may also want to enter.

Oh, sorry bro. I'm always trying to catch up with things and still do other stuff. Piss poor performance. I didn't read it thoroughly. I'll update with a tag. Sorry about that.

57 my sm acc is same. tagging @xawi

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26 @fitinfun - tagging @abh12345

(26 is my number when I can get it, @philippekiene)

TY @wonderwop for the tag, and make your plans for Bangkok STAT! Texas is not that far away :)

Very nice, 26th is my birthday and my mums.
That was actually going to be the winning number, but I had to use a RNG to make it fair. Was going to say I gave you the answer in the begining 🤣

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Ha ha ha, I actually started speaking to @fitinfun today, looks like we might be meeting up at Steemfest in November.
Are you going @wonderwop?

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Probably not, I'll be in Nebraska visiting my gf parents. 🙏

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Thanks for your entry, remember to make your entry valid you must tag a friend who may also want to enter.

15 @elikast, tagging @alenox

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@ jacuzzi. Is my steem name.

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Tagging @waspie
Thanks for the amazing contest :)


I'm @gregan and tagging @lottje

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