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Since the beginning of this year, Coronavirus situation has become more sevre across the world and especially in Italy. Even though the number of new cases has been significantly reduced in China, still the number of new cases is rapidly advancing in the rest of the world. Along with the new cases, death tolls are rising too.

So I have decided to create a new post to give you the latest information about the Coronavirus outbreak every day. I hope you will appreciate this initiative of mine as I am trying to create awareness about this virus, if you have any opinion or suggestions for this post then let me know about it in the comment section.


As of March 23, 2020 there exist 341,329 coronavirus cases among which 14,746 people have died. The total number of around the world was 13,686 yesterday which mean the number of death has increased by 13% since yesterday. Romania, Bulgaria, Guam, Dominican Republic and Palestine have confirmed first death caused by the Coronavirus.

Italy is still maintaining as the country with highest number of death caused by Coronavirus or COVID-19.But the number of new death recorded in Italy is now less than yesterday. There were 793 death recorded in Italy yesterday but as of today 651 deaths new deaths has been recorded in there.

USA has the third highest number of Coronavirus cases in the world now but previously it was Spain which has the third highest number of deaths caused by the Coronavirus. The total number of new cases during the last 24 hours was 9,339 in the USA which is indeed an alarming signal for its citizen.


In UK, Germany, Netherlands and France number of new cases and deaths are rising too. German chancellor Angela Merkel has gone to self-quarantine as one of the doctor who did a check-up on her found positive with the Coronavirus.

In Asia, number of new cases is also rising in Iran, South Korea and India in significant rate. In, China where the virus outbreak first occurred, 46 new cases were found and 6 deaths were recorded during the last 24 hours.

So it can be said China is still wining in its battle against the Coronavirus and has become an example for bringing the outbreak under control among the world.

To see the list of countries affected with coronavirus and know more in details about those countries visit here

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