Setting up alternate accounts for Steem Engine tribes

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I'd like to announce that yesterday I created 7 alternate @organduo accounts for Steem Engine tribes curation. These are @organduo.neoxag, @organduo.pal, @organduo.leo, @organduo.ccc, @organduo.sports, @organduo.stem and @organduo.sonic. I have delegated most of the appropriate tokens to these accounts now.

I have done this because I have stake in these tribes and I'm actively posting using #neoxian, #palnet, #steemleo, #creativecoin, #sportstalk, #stem and #sonicgroove tags. However, as I checked my voting power in all of these front ends, I realized that in most cases it sits around 100 percent. Whenever I'm voting on the posts which have these tags, I used to do it with my @organduo account which means I'm wasting resources and voting power of alt tokens.

Now I'm automating my curation on these tags with steemrewarding with trail votes - my alternate accounts simply follow the curation trail of @organduo and vote on specific tags only which is very efficient plus I set up a few other accounts I would like to follow with curation.

For now I have set my alt votes at 100% but I'm sure it will require some close monitoring and adjusting in the future in order to be optimized.

So if any of my followers receive upvotes from my alt accounts, please know that it's just me and not some obscure user. If you're checking people who have upvoted your posts, you should be able to see my usual profile picture on these alt accounts as well.

It's entirely possible I would need to create some more alt accounts if more attractive tribes will pop up although right now I feel quite content with those 7 accounts.

At this time I'd like to thank my friend @contrabourdon who has tested this method on his alt accounts and recommended it to me. He was very helpful along the way in the setup process.

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This is my (@melinda010100) alt account, I but have not been able to get steemkey sorted so that its usable! Unless I can get that figured out I hate creating any more alts!

I've tried that. My main account works fine, but when I try to enter my active key for my alt account wallet it tells me that I am not on a private wifi. It's private enough for my main account! I just don't get it!

Try private posting key

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Maybe you can use master password?

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I have seen this already on one of my post, thank you so much @organduo, and I pray all goes well with all your endeavors my friend❣️

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Glad for this multiple token feature than Steem Engine now enables... Ask Rick to log you in to Steem Engine and check your wallet. I'm sure you have been getting many rewards in other coins. Claim them and if you don't plan on doing anything with them soon, stake them. Your upvote on those tags will be worth more.

!giphy money


Your so kind, thank you so much❣️

Thanks to @holger80 for the great tool!

You are doing so well on the Steem Engine :)