Steem SCOT Tribes

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When you look at the markets it looks scary. But only for the inexperienced Crypto newbies.

If you look closer at steem blockchain you'll find that there was never more activities than now.


New tribes are popping out every day


Like mushrooms after the rain.

ReggaeSteem SCOT Tribe is the new one.



Airdrops everywhere.

It all started a year ago.

Here I find an interesting old screenshot.


The price of steem is dropping like a rock, and we can see some desperate Crypto investors like this one.

But eventually, we'll be rewarded.

Stake them coinz, my friends.


New tribes are just many to try out

Mushrooms are looking fresh and tasty.

Usually, the colored ones are poisonous.
I don't know about these two.

I am 100% these two are not just safe, but actually really delicious =) They belong to the Leccinum familly - in slovenian, they are called -> Turki :)

I don't trust mushrooms here in Alberta. I heard that Russians and Ukrainians are experts here but I don't know any. This pair was growing in the National park and I wouldn't dare to pick them.
I can get Jurcki in Lisicke at Italian store, hehe. They know, hehe.

"there was never more activities than now" .It is right, unless enormous selling can't be stop, steem will be ruined soon.

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Dig deeper.

Steem will be fine bro, just wait and see! #GoodVibes

Tribes will become like hard forks and only the first ones will become popular. People don't need 100 places to posts.

For me I have enough with Palnet & Steemleo.

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I disagree.

Cat or bird lovers can form their own tribe and token. Or fisherman, hunters or Jehovah Witnesses.

Soo many varieties and all will have different people involved.

Are you going to be part of 20 Tribes?

That dude better not jump lol


Was thinking similar thoughts today ... Steem itself seems more promising as tribes and SMTs finally appear organically, and yet it's a fraction of the ATH (and a fraction of a fraction vs BTC). Cant help but feel overall altcoin sentiment being at an all time low has much more to do with Steem's current market cap than the progress its made in the last three months (it was NOT that long ago that the main thing people were talking about re: Steem was ding dong playing his guitar on youtube instead of updating the community.)

This is prime time accumulation world.

I like the guitar part, hehe.

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That’s a weird looking building.

Ugly apartment building in Edmonton. But the point was the man on the balcony. Did you spot him?

Missed him until you pointed it out. What in hell is he thinking?

I agree sir oldtimer!

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