Make a Minnow #30 Winner Announcement / 10000 SP and PAL POWER delegation prize!

in #palnet5 years ago

We are so pleased with all the amazing nominations that we received and we are happy today to announce the winner for round #30! In this round anyone was allowed to vote as long as they were registered on the PAL server which improved participation quite a bit :)

DRUMROLL! Here are the final results!

@eugelys is the winner!

@thekittygirl in second

@georgeboya in third

The winner with the most eligible votes is @eugelys who will be awarded:

  • a 4 week delegation of 10000SP from our sponsor @eturnerx
  • a 4 week delegation of 10000 PAL power from the @minnowsupport team
    *10 SBI units and surprise tokens also courtesy of @eturnerx

@thekittygirl and @georgeboya will be awarded some SBI and surprise tokens!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you @eturnerx and @minnowsupport for making this possible!

Thank you all for participating! We will be posting the MaM #31 nomination round soon so please start to think about who deserves the next Make A Minnow award!

With love,
@juliakponsford, @clayboyn


Felicitaciones muy bien realizado y tu voz es hermosa me encanta haber ayudado un poquito. @msp-makeaminnow @eugelys

Congrats @eugelys

Congratulations to everyone and thank you @eturnerx and @minnowsupport for making this possible!

Congrats @eugelys, I hope you have a great time curating :)

Thanks a lot!!!! I will :)
Congrats to @thekittygirl and @georgeboya!

@eugelys ~ Congrats to you!!! 😃 💛 🌞

Thank you, @juliakponsford & @clayboyn and to those who nominated and voted for me! 🤗

Thanks! :)

Congrats to you too @eugelys:)

Congratulations to the winner

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Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you very much for the nomination and the support:) Congrats to @eugelys, she is a very active and supportive curator and i am happy that she received the first price:) Congrats to @thekittygirl too:)

Thanks a lot George! :)

Congratulations to the winners. Prizes awarded.

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