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Lack of sun this year and a lot of rain, low quality soil (for now) and yeh, not as fun as last year!


I took clones a while back and they are starting to show roots now, here's a snap of the first visible roots, but to be honest this is the first time I am using a heat mat and i wonder if it will kill the roots from being hot? I made a post about the new clone setup that I have now but its new to me.

I have outdoors, a Girl Scout Cookie, Punky Lion, Royal Special Kush & Blueberry Cheese and two "Big Lights Of North" Auto's..


They are easily around 2 months old and yeh, I know they look small and that's because we've had minimal direct sunlight since April hahah! Today I gave them all a good nute feed, and some flower nute for the slowly flowering autos.

Here's the GSC

I had to chop a good 30cm from the top, I had previously taken the top for a clone, and it seemed to have stretch and had some long no productive stem so I decided after I fimmed it around a week back, to just cut off the useless part, and here it is with soil shoved in it to stop bugs getting in the main stalk (and look how fat this main stem actually is!


Big Light Of North, and no, really, thats what its called!

The Auto above, its started to get some decent flower bulkage since we had sun a few hours a day the last 3 days and it got its second nute feed of Bio Bizz today. The one below is way behind, just hoping for more sun!


When, oh when, will this sideways pic bug get sorted out?

A Question..

Anyone know the cause of this?


I will have to get some better soil soon and combine things to make a super soil mix of my own - all organic of course, and I want to repot the Punky Lion, Blueberry cheese and the RSK into the huge ass shopping baskets as I had excellent results last year, although a slight misson for flowering but any way , good results. We could well get a few months sunshine still!

Oh yeh! The misfit auto!!

I think this is a Moby Dick, due to its size and how it turned out. I harvested these alien looking semi deformed buds that looked kind of hermie..



Look at these strange buds, and also the second pic, What The Fuck Is That?!



Maybe it got stressed with too much grey and rain, and it tried to make seeds?

I'm off to make humus! I'm starving hungry and the chick peas have just finished cooking.. I miss organic celery, non organic has no taste!

My supercropped tomatoes had to say hi too! they started to flower also now :)



Big Love & Abundance!


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I have had similar spotting on my plant as well.

My best guess is because it's been a wet year here, and apparently where you are as well - that after rain the sunshine comes out and magnifies the water droplets and burns the leaves.

My idea for a solution would be to find some silica powder and feed/spray it on the plant to promote thicker foliage.

I learned this from KaliGrownBudz on YT: