Musical objects of desire

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If you have ever listened to any music in your lifetime the chances are high that you will have heard one of these guitars. A few guitars have become icons in their own right and have also become musical objects of desire. Music is and always will be the thing that moves us. It motivates us and it consoles us like no other thing on earth.

Gretch acoustic guitar

gretch acoustic guitar.jpg

I bought the guitar above with a income tax rebate that I got way back in 1977-78. I wanted to buy something that I could enjoy and didn't want to waste the tax windfall of £75 ($90.90) that I had just recieved.

I had no idea that this guitar would be my constant companion to this day? Many things change with the passage of time but this guitar has always been there through all of life's up and downs and never demanding anything other than an occasional strum.

You may find this hard to believe but every time I get this guitar out of it's hard case it is always in tune. To be totally honest I did not know much about guitars when I bought it but it was a toss up between this and a Fender acoustic. I just liked the tone of the gretch better.

I couldn't play guitar when I bought it but I did learn over the coming months and years to knock out the odd tune. My influences were the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and the Eagles to mention just a few of the bands that I praticed playing their tunes.

I began to take lessons in rock, classical and spanish guitar methods and it was one of the most absorbing things that I have even done. I formed a few bands and created a collective of musicians called the Island Music Project.

We played live in pubs and clubs and actually got paid in a time when bands were not getting paid.
How did we get paid? We guaranteed the pub owner at least 30 people would turn up for the gig and of course the 30 people were all musicians in the collective.

When other people see a pub rocking they want to come and see what is going on so the pubs were always packed wherever we played. Eventually with a partner we founded a record company called World Music Ltd. (this was way before world music became trendy)

My guitar has traveled with me to many countries around the world and the first trip in 1979 was to the U.S.A. I rode the Greyhound bus across the country from New York to Los Angeles and it was a mindblowing 6 weeks adventure. I fully understand why @ned seems glued to his guitar. It can be a comfort in difficult times. Hope you are well btw.

I met so many brilliant people on my journey that it left an indelible mark on my psyche. The Americans that I met were just super helpful and considerate and at that time few Brits were crossing the Atlantic. So I was a bit of a novelty.

So why am I telling you all this, you my loyal readers may wonder? Well I haven't been playing much over the last few years but the itch to play has never gone away.

Recently after meeting up with fellow steemians @steevc and @adetorrent and watching the fun that steve has with his guitar. I began looking at the guitars that I had always wanted but could never afford.

Steve told me that he had sold some steem on just a couple of occasions, one being to buy his guitar which gives him so much pleasure.

I have never taken a single cent off of the platform and after two years of constantly buying steem and powering up I have stacked over 6,000+ steem. Not much but not bad either.

My rep score just passed 69 last week and I took a week off to consider what way to develop my future strategy on steem.

I have written 578 posts and made 7,417 comments and had 8,345 replies in the last two years I have learned so much about the crypto space and improved my skills on my new love - photography.

I teach computer science all day long so I really don't want to code in my free time which was one option. Still a possiblilty but more along the lines of forming a community using a token.

Pivot point - My plans for the future

This is a pivotal moment for me going forward and I decided that I am going to buy a new guitar and I'm going to have some fun with it and maybe schill a few in the process.

My plan is simple. I will buy various models of Thormann branded guitars and amplifiers and make videos about the unboxing and playability of each model. Nothing new there but in my plan.

After I have reviewed and fully tested the guitar or other products I will auction them off, with the proceeds going to either a charity or new struggling members on the steem network who need a boost in steem power.

Buying a new guitar is not easy

Buying a new guitar is a bit of a minefield and very confusing even for an establised player like me so this last week I have been researching the guitar market for #marketfriday initiated by the amazing @dswigle

The legenday guitars are still way to expensive for me but there are many alternatives now with great promise and super low prices.

The technology to make a good guitar has become so much cheaper to manufacture and prices are super low on copies of branded guitars like Gibson, Fender and PRS.

These newer brands are not the cheap knock offs commonly known as Chibsons but are quality controlled and overseen by a German company called Thomann.

I have seen so many rave reviews and videos about their branded Harley Benton guitars and even some blind tests were the players could not tell the difference in sound between a $6,000 guitar and the Thormann version at just over 200 bucks! I think I can risk some steem to check one out.

After much research I have settled on this Harley Benton SC-450 CB Classic Bundle 1(Gibson classic Sunburst style) from their wide range on offer. This combo is priced at €195 £178.39 ($216.51)

My affiliate link

All that stuff for $200 bucks and free delivery to the UK? It's a no brainer to me. Hope it sounds as good as the ones I have seen online?

Disclaimer:- I have joined Thomann as a partner. If you buy through my link I may get a small fee (3%) for any sales.

The rewards are in the form of credits. Assuming that the guitar lives up to expectations I will be talking to Thomann about creating a steem token that they can use to promote their business.

Thank you for reading. This post is a bit long but it is important to me that you understand my shift in this new direction.

If you can take some action to generate an alternative onchain business for yourself too. Why not try something new and different?

Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner

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Oh, how cool!! So happy to see how affordable guitars have become over the years!

I'm particularly interested to see how your affiliate link works. There is so much change on the platform. We will see what sticks and what is like Teflon.

Great post with a dash of history and nostalgia! Loved it! Thank you for the time and effort spent on putting together a post!

As always, have a great day!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Upped and Steemed


Hey Den, yep it has really fired up my imagination and looking forward to getting this off the ground. All lights are green for go.

Great post with a dash of history and nostalgia!

Nostalgia isn't what it used to be! lol

Thanks for your support.

PS Could you do me a favor if you have time? Check the links to see what the prices would be to ship to the USA?

I'm pretty sure there would be a lot of interest in these guitars just on price? If they are as good as advertised of course? Time will tell.

I am no music or guitar expert, but the guitar looks beautiful!!

Thank you, it is a treasured instrument and has given me years of joy.

It will be fun to see how this develops for you.

I'm looking forward to the challenge of working through their catalogue.

Having a clear goal is very motivational to me and it may actually help spread the word about the future we are building here.

I may post just one review video a week. It takes a long time to make these kind of videos. As you know.

Nice looking guitar photography and it is good job to sing.

Thanks Kamrun, it still looks as good as the day I bought it and it sounds great.

Nice looking gretsch, i've been looking at a billy duffy signature one for a while.

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That is a nice guitar with the bixby too.
Thormann have their version of this model.

I will put it on the list to review. Thanks for the suggestion. 😋

I like the wire style bixbies the best. I'll check out the Thormann version i've never heard of them before.

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Yeah Thormann is a newish company (21 years) but they seem to be producing some amazing guitars.

I love the Gretch tone and the bixby gives it a unique twang.
I'll be trying one of their guitars very soon.
Takes about 6 days for delivery afaik.

You are one multi-talented guy. You have got a lot on your plate. I am one of those who is a beer short of a six-pack. So I can't participate or give any opinions on what you are doing. But I can wish you all the best in your endeavours. 😊

Thank you for your support and warm comments.

It is a big challenge for sure but one that I am more than happy to do.

By commenting you are participating which is all you need to do. 👍

Imagine the impact if they adopt a steem token to reward their customers? Win win 🙌

That, I can do. 😊

That Gretsch looks great. You can get a good guitar for not much money these days. A friend bought a Harley Benton bass that he liked a lot. Look forward to your reviews.

Thanks for the inspiration Steve. It is amazing what happens when steemians get together :-)

I'm looking forward to getting going on this new project and have been twanging the old Gretch again.

I fogot to mention the Thormann brand Harley Benton...Dooh! And the model details lol

Fixed now and thanks for the prompt. Much appreciated.

I have not played any of their guitars. I think a lot of people still want one of the traditional names if they can afford it. Many musicians are very conscious of brand. I do not own a Fender or Gibson and am not that bothered about them.

Have a !BEER

Yep I agree, it's the sound of the instrument that matters not the branding. I bought the Gretch all those years ago based purely on it's tone.

I had no clue about the brand or the history of it. It just sounded great and still does.

Thanks for the beer. Just what I need in this heat. lol

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Creamy and delicious beer. :-)

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