Welcome to The Weekly PALNet Curation 🐟 Week #8 // an Initiative by The Minnow Support Project Curation Team

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Week 8!!!

Hi there, welcome back! The Minnow Support Project to help promote undervalue post on the blockchain and reward the good job done by minnows has a team of curators that do manual curation every day of the week on different categories, and now I (@victoriabsb) will be doing manual curation every Sunday of 5 post using the tag #PALNet.

And Coming Next Week! I will be doing this curation LIVE from New York is Saturday night!! LOL ok sorry I got carry away, nope is SNL is going to be actually on Monday! I will maybe go crazy and choose more than 5 post to get curated! Don’t tell the other mods!
Here are the rules to be part of the live curation:

  • Join us on our Voice Channel Monday September 16 at 10am ET
    Bring your post and drop it on the #general-chat (the permissions to drop links will be open for the activity but no spam will be allow!) and talk about it a little bit on the voice channel.
  • The post must be of quality, it doesn’t have to be a theme specific and it has to have the #palnet tag (obviously!!)
  • Only One post per person allow! If you don’t have a post of yourself, you can bring someone else’s or if you can’t join the voice chat to talk, you can write about it on the text channel!
    That is, it those are the rules! I will be hand picking my favorites to give them some love, also this may include some cake from @helpiecake! (@helpie curation account!!) Who knows I may even go crazier and give some PAL Coin away! We will see how it goes…
    Now let’s get on with this curation post…

What do we look for in post to be curated?

Original content and a little bit of effort, if you want your post to get a chance at being curated, you have to keep in mind this 2 factors, we are not requiring for people to do works of art or really long posts but we want to encourage our minnows to do awesome jobs with their posts, we are upvoting these posts enough to get them on our trending page (without having to pay all the bid bots!!) and we do want a nice original and fresh content looking trending page!


Well i do curation in Spanish on Mondays and sometimes I do pick a theme, we could try that but to be honest I sometimes (ok every time) won’t go through with the theme that I picked and end up with complete random and not related posts being curated, so your post doesn’t have to be about an specific subject it can be about anything but it has to be original and it has to show you worked hard on doing it (yeah not shit post allow).

Curation Trail

Every publication chosen to be curated will be getting the @msp-curation vote that is follow by an awesome trail not only PALNet Whales but very decent voting powers on Steem as well! So, you will be receiving awesome votes on STEEM, SBD, SP and PAL Coin!! And will be resteem from said account as well and my favorite post of the week will get resteem from our main account @minnowsupport too!

So, let’s start with this week chosen 5!!!


What makes me happy in life ? A tribute to the beautiful things around me.

I will make you a particular post today. I think it's an important one. I would like to do an exercise today that we're not used to. Our condition of homo sapiens give us the reflex of paying attention to the bad things and dangers around us, because in natural environment, that was the most important thing.


Lemon Citrus: Pair of Young Seedlings. Fruit Tree [Bonsai]

Today I bring photos of a pair of young Citrus tree seedlings. Grown originally from the seeds of Meyers Lemon, this tree will have some traits similar to the parent, and also some recessive traits passed down from its ancestors.


A minor but painful injury, frustration, and reason to look forward and be positive!!

Today I would like to share with you my thoughts and some photos about my injury. I am currently suffering from Achilles Tendonitis. It is only minor but the pain is just on another level. Here goes my blog and I apologize if I ever whine, just very frustrated.


Frame loom ornament.

If you haven't heard of a frame loom is the simplest thing. It is just a frame, like the ones they use to frame paintings where you string as many wraps you want depending of the size of the weft you are about to make. Usually it is used as educational tool for beginners or for very small items, like the one I am showing you today!


A Universe From Nothing A No Man’s Sky Tale | Ep. 3 – The Start Of Someone Else's Plan

A man following someone else’s plan is walking blind in a hurricane. He can only hope his newly adopted tour guide has his best interests at heart. Without seeing the grand design he can only hope his next step is not his last. One should only play ignorant till he has a base of power and a hand to bluff with.

If you enjoyed any of these authors and their posts please give them some love and upvote them, Resteem them, or just leave them a comment!

If you know about any good undervalued post with the tag #PALNet on it, let me know in the comments! I will make sure they get the love they deserve!


Have any questions about PALNet or PALCoin

Here a few recommended posts to help you out:

If you still have questions don't hesitate to ask in the channel #Minnowsupport-Help of our Discord Server

take a look at all our other amazing MSP curators! @isaria - Music // @ma1neevent – Introduce Yourself // @Pennsif – Sustainability // @scaredycatguide – Finances & Crypto // @clayboyn – Psychology & Philosophy // @sunravelme – Creative Writing // @juliakponsford – Art // @makinstuff – Technology & DYI // @Zaxan – Photography

Thank you so much for reading, on behalf of the Minnow Support Project Moderation and Curation Team!

Picture Credit: Graphics, pictures and quotes are from their corresponding Post Author and any emoji was created with Bitmoji.com

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