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RE: 'Around the Block' with guest Elizabeth Powell of Steemit Inc. - Episode 1

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with regards to @steemit onboarding new users you guys need to work on making it easier and with a much faster turn-around time.

I have referred tons of friends who reported back to me saying they tried opening an account and either they gave up since it takes forever and has too many hoops to jump through, what platform takes 2-3 weeks for you to create an account, it really is a bit ludicrous to expect someone new to wait that long to get onto the platform.

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They either then simply forget they even wanted to go on the platform or just decide it is not worth all the effort. Please try to make it easier to get onto @steemit I think that would make all the difference with increased adoption.


There are possibilities to claim free accounts and help people directly from within the community itself. Steeminvite for instance is exposing these options to the public and has directly methods implemented to send the invitation to the new members.
Hooray to @pharesim for that tool.
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Thanks for comment.

There are those options, just thought it would be great if it were streamlined similar to other social media platforms.

Secretly though used to enjoy the idea that not everybody has access since it does make you work to get on. But at the same time it does not lend itself to easy mass adoption.

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