No One is Listening- Original song by Subculture on Circle of Death Records 💀

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Original artwork by Brad Durrant, bassist for Subculture

This is the 7th song from the never (until now) released Subculture album recorded in June 1994 @ AudioVisions studios in Lindon, UT. The studio was owned by Sam Cardon, the drummer for Donny & Marie back in their heyday. Our bass player Brad who has done most of the artwork for our songs was really good friends with Sam, so we recorded all 8 songs for $400! And now in 2019 I'm stoked to be releasing these songs on Steemian founded Circle of Death Records 💀!

The lyrics and message of this song rings more true today than it did when it was written. Like the faceless drone in the artwork, so much is going on around us, but many dont see it. Or care to, or even want to. Many live in fear. Sometimes the only one you can count on is yourself

No One Is Listening by Subculture - DistroKid


I have never been one to be easily swayed
By the opinions of others
Don't trouble me with your half ass promises!

I'll never hold you to them
Such a shame
That no one is Listening

Whatever works for you
There's so many ways to believe
Divided we achieve mere mediocrity

How sinister the truth can be

So what are you afraid of?
Maybe being labeled
You can say it but no one is Listening

(Fucking killer guitar solo with extra hit ya in the feels!)

A funeral arrangement
We can change it but no one's willing
I do deplore
No One listens anymore



Great song. I love the lyrics too.

Thanks Beth I appreciate it 😘

Killer track mate! I didn’t realise your album was recorded so long ago. Great to have it out there after all these years.

Thanks Tom 🤘
Better late than never 🤣
And I am happy it was released on Circle of Death Records 💀

sorry I missed this post, but I know this song, great job brother!! keep up the good work!

Thanks bro for your friendship and support 🤘

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