But he took my parking

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I'm watching a little crazy story unfold before my eyes. Two cars are facing each other, and neither want to move. You see, there's a parking spot, a perfect parking spot, and "the bastard" is trying to take it - "Both drivers surely thought". The stand still lasts about five minutes, when finally.

Road Rage!!!!

The white SUV backs up, turns the wheel, but of course lowers the window. It's at this point that the full display of violent vocabulary surfaces. Imagine all the words, all of them, and then do a couple of remixes just for kicks. The other call lowers the window too, I notice this point something pathetic.

Both vehicles are full of children. Yes, but who cares? setting an example? Yes, precisely, letting them know it's correct to fight a stranger for a parking lot. Nevermind the fact that there's a free space about 5 cars further from the building, of course, that's not relevant. The fight is because "a bastard" is trying to take a spot.


To me this is a clear indication that we actually have no problems. In other words, we are doing so well, we have so much these days, that fighting for "the right" to not add 40 more steps towards my walk to the retail shop is priority number one.

I will confess I felt like walking up there and slapping them, but violence in the name of peace would not make sense either.



Just gotta keep calm and just feel sorry for them man!
they need more time to be educated! I mean they are all over the world dude, you are not alone! :)

Hahah there is lot of time this thingd can be happen. And good meme man to get and fight regarding the parking.

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lol... walking up there and slapping them, getting in the mix is not a good idea. But oh so tempting...

Yep, it has gotten ridiculous the shit we whine about and get mad about. I think we should have perspective training and get dropped off in the middle of the woods with no supplies and when we make it back see what we really want to complain about.

@meno, This scenario is perfect example for, we are in the world of race and unwanted competition.

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You're right, some people can't walk a few steps as it's too hard for them, besides, going to the gym and posting photos on social media looks way better.
Jokes aside, it's sad that those kids are witnessing such behaviour.

Hi @meno, parking rage is awful Don't sweat the small stuff is my motto. I agree with you, I would rather park a little distance away and get some steps in staying away from negative energy.

I can see your dilemma, and I think you did not slap them because you did not have the power. More than slapping them I guess "deleting" them from the whole equation would have been the neat thing to do, had we the power to do so :)
It is frustrating to see these scenes unfold. I wonder if some societies have finally outgrown this kind of behavior. Is there hope for humanity or will we always have to deal with the we-are-imperfect crap?
Why keeping great expectations about what humanity can achieve if we'll always be marred by our imperfections?

I can't understand the obsession with parking as close as possible to the entrance either. Unless one's injured/disabled those extra steps will do you good.

Imagine someone else ducked into the spot while they were arguing.

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