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@livinguktaiwan is doing a social experiment and exchanging postcards with Steem friends! @livinguktaiwan's experiment I was lucky enough to be included and a postcard from Taiwan arrived a couple of days ago! And she received the postcard that I sent to her. my post card to Taiwan



@livinguktaiwan sent me a postcard that shows the natural beauty of Taiwan. I was in Taiwan 20 years ago, but spent all my time there in Taipei learning about TCM- Taditional Chinese Medicine--and I never got out of the city to see the beauty of the countryside.




I learned about herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, steam treatments and TCP lamps. Many things that I was then able to use in my massage practice.




It was an incredible experience, but Pauline, you are right. If I were ever to return I would be touring the countryside and enjoying nature!

Thanks for the postcard!

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Great 📸 photography and knowledge, I am sure you will enjoy your experience.

Thanks so much!

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Thanks, dear Pix!

Wow... You learn TCM in Taiwan. I am impressed. Are you still in touch with the TCM? I mean do you still practice/use them?

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I no longer practice. I am happily retired!

👍 😊

Natural medicine and the traditional healing methods you learned about is interesting, Melinda.

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I didn't know you practice TCM Melinda! Do you still have your clinic?

Thanks for taking part in my little project Melinda !!

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I am happily retired, but it was wonderful knowledge to have and it enhanced my massage practice.

Wow, that must be quiet an experience. Are you practiding it too? Happy day. 💕

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I am retired now, but it is still good knowledge to have!

@melinda010100 I agree and it must be a great experience. Happy day. ❤️

Those suction things on the knee look weird. Is that done for arthritis or a torn meniscus? Or? Great photos @melinda010100 👍

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It is called cupping and is, in effect, a sort of deep tissue massage and can be used to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, and relaxation. It is an ancient treatment.

So cool, thanks for the info @melinda010100 👍

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That must have been a great experience!!
And what a fun idea to have the postcard exchange!!

I love the interactions with my friends here. It brings them off my screen and into my home!

Would you like a postcard from Taiwan @mariannewest? I'd love to drum up more engagement.

Btw, I think you're doing a fantastic job with your freewrite 😀

I would love a postcard!! Tell me how to contact you and I will send you one as well :)

And thank you for liking the freewrite - you can write with us any time!!

I sent you a Discord message @mariannwest

That sounds like a fun project! I've never been that far, but would love to for the photography.

I wasn't into taking pictures then, but sure wish I would have taken a lot more than I did!

Taiwan is really under rated but has a lot to offer in terms of natural landscape and culture that's one of the other reason I started the postcard project so more people get to know about this island. I'd love to send you a postcard as well @fotosdenada 😀

My father actually visited Taiwan a couple times in the 80's and 90's, when he worked for IBM. He didn't get to see the countryside, but enjoyed the city he was in.

I'd send a postcard, as well, but it might take me awhile to find one where I currently live. Our countryside is mostly vast fields of corn and soy.

The 80s and 90s were interesting times, Taiwan was still under martial law till 1987, it lasted over 38 years the longest in the world at that time.

Your photo above makes a great postcard! Sending one to me isn't part of my experiment but people have been really kind and offered to send one back to me. If you would like one for Taiwan, ping me a message on discord livinguktaiwan#6787. Don't be shy!!!

Learning the 'know how' in a country that practices natural remedies must have been super interesting, knowledge you carry with you for the rest of your life @melinda010100, lovely idea with postcard system, unfortunately our postal system is not reliable.

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It's always fun to get mail! Too bad you don't feel you can participate. Learning about TCM really made me look differently at western medicine.