Meadows and Makers Podcast Episode 54 Promo

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Hello Beautiful Humans of the Steemiverse!

Today I bring on a first time guest @bowentroyer to the podcast. Many of you may be familiar with his video series 2 minutes with a farmer. We'll chat and get to know more about "just a farmer from Kentucky" hope to see y'all there!

Stay tuned today from 5-7pm UTC 1-3pm EST. Come hang for the live show at the following places. or chat live in the discord in the MSP Waves Broadcast room and on

Here's a peek at some more personal progress on my property.

Come hang out, and have some fun listening and chatting on the discord.

Yours in liberty toward a brighter future,
Greg Doud @makinstuff

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omg i love yer pupper!

Thank you @torico, it's actually the neighbors dog, but it loves me now because I gave it some of my bacon and eggs one morning :)

suckaaaaa, dat dog is gonna hound u now

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