Homestead Progress

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I have some new progress to report!

I hauled down the camper which needed some roof repair and some air in the tires. It made the journey down to the property no problem.

I unloaded a bunch of stone on the main pad that came from the greenhouse at the city house.

I also found a local craigslist deal for some used power poles. The gentleman that had them for sale loaded them onto the trailer for me as well. I plan to use them as part of a foundation for a small deck/bathhouse.

The gates are just set up temporarily with some re-bar. I will be setting in those power poles where I can. I'll have to get creative at the top of the hill as it's pretty much just solid sandstone.

I'll be pulling down the solar trailer tomorrow to work more on the permanent gates and fencing with electricity!

Thanks for checking out this post!

Yours in liberty toward a brighter future,
Greg Doud @makinstuff

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keep at er bud
me im still trying to sell my offgrid survival property but i see your moving along just fine
kudos to you man

Thank you @nickgrujic, just gotta eat the elephant one bite at a time. You may consider renting that joker on Airbnb if you're having trouble selling it. If you set it up right with a cleaning service and property manager you can be hands off to do other things.

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thanks for the advice bud
i was actually thinking about that a few days ago lol

Git r dun

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Rowl Tide

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Damn it is almost football time in Tennessee 🤔 I'm totally detached from most sportsball stuff these days and I've definitely lost my love for American football over the years.. If I'm being honest I much prefer the football that uses feet by more than one player on the field. I can't do all the stop action commercial break product oriented sporting events. Blow the whistle and get at it... Plus as you know being a volunteer fan is masochistic..

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Lol, I'm not a huge fan either, but enjoy watching college football with friends from time to time. It's more of a greeting in Alabama like saying hell yeah lol.

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I too had a Yankee influence my mom is from Brooklyn and from early on I visited up there and came back down south each time a bit more holy shit this place is not for me lol..

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Lol, yeah I do love the beauty in the North like northern Wisconsin and Da UP in Michigan. Never been in the northeast. Don't like the taxes they have up that way. There are some people that are tough to get along with for sure, but still some great folk in the dirty south that know how to get r done.

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Coming along nicely. It's amazing what you can get second hand and work perfectly well. One mans junk is another gold 💯🐒

Thank you fine sir, absolutely @steemmatt is a great example of that on what he finds roaming the curbside of the city. Learned it's also great to keep your eye out for discarded building materials on job sites. There is so much waste in our society but so much opportunity for those who can turn the trash into treasure.

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For sure, I will look him up 💯🐒

Cool progress

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Thank you brother

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Howdy sir makinstuff! Those big poles are going to come in handy and that's a super nice looking, strong gate!

Thank ya sir

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