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RE: The Routine Of Life Holds Us Back

in #palnetlast year

Whoa! Awesome update, it's been quite a ride for you! I'm so happy you are settled nicely into your new home for the winter and I think you'll do a lot more 'inside work' through those peaceful months. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create garden-wise. We're also the same age which I didn't know. I'm truly saddened by all of the struggles and heart ache you have had to go through my friend. I wouldn't wish any of that on anyone! You are so strong and brave to keep on going. I love you!


Aww thank you for your kind words mean a lot to hear. It has sure been a learning curve. Now I am on track and things are falling into place. My life is looking more positive and I am manifesting more of what I need, onwards and upwards.

I have big plans for the garden I have wanted one for years. It'll be very experimental but sometimes this is the best way. First post coming dreckly. Thanks again for you ongoing support 💯🐒