WTF bullshit is!!!

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Dear friends

I am very upset about this exchanger service and I will stop to use it!!

First issue I found out is that is impossible to send Bitcoin at lower value of 0.003 which means over 30 usd.

So after I managed to get those minimum amount, when I sent 0.0035 I've got 0.0005 of commission, which is over 15% and is really too much I think.

So here I am asking you how are normal commissions in Bitcoin transfer?


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I think this is a very nice solution where to put and send Bitcoins...

Thank you friend, this is what I was looking for...

If you plan on using its better to use your credit card to fund it and pay the %7 fee on your credit card.

The app doesn't takes a minimum of 0.5 BTC if you want to earn interest on your deposit. You will need to pay their fee and the network fee to use the service. They are a for-profit company

BTC transfer fee at the moment is anything between 0.24 USD to 0.65 USD

@loro68, In my opinion when we see this kind of higher transfer minimum limit then that sounds really ineffective.

hey @loro68, 0.0005 BTC as fee is something normal, usually BTC fees are high, to move small amounts of money is better to use altcoins, generally, I use ZCASH, DOGE, LITECOIN, NEO or even the same STEEM to move money between exchanges.

Check out what other cryptos you can withdraw and check the fees.

Could you give some examples of exchanges using Steem without huge commissions?

I do not deal in BTC at all. LTC and DASH have much lower fees. I use Bittrex and see the difference. Every so often I get BTC from somewhere and they always have high fees. Someone told my BCH is better too, but I have not tried it.

Whenever I'm looking to move crypto I do so in an alt coin. BTC has the highest fees and just not a good way to move money around IMO. Hence why I think BTC is the single most overvalued coin out there...but until the markets agree with that I'll keep holding some.

Fees charged by the miners are not based on the amount sent, but rather it's just another transaction written into the ledger so your fee for a small dollar transaction was just as much as the person who sent $10,000 worth of btc. So keep this in mind when you want to move coins of any sort around.

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I haven't moved around allot of crypto but when I do I usually sell my bitcoin for an alt coin that has cheaper transaction fees.

Think the fees is ok

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