Which are coins to invest on Steem-engine?

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I would like to ask you which are the most valuable coins to invest on Steem-engine and the reason why.

I am following palcoin but it seems not very good investment in order to the recent flatuations.

It is not clear at all the market cap at all, where we can see the real capitalization of the coins?

I set a bounty for that, only valuable answers will be upvoted....


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So far it's hard to say that any of the tokens are a smart investment. Most haven't found any real reason for their token IMO. They created a token with next to no plan on how to make it have value.

If you look at investing in a token like a share of stock then the creator should be looking to create value for it's shareholders/token holders. Since most of these tokens are just running knock off front ends of steemit with zero added value to the user I'm not sure why they created the coin other then to reap the profits from dumping their own coins.

There are a few exceptions that have better front ends, but does that make their token have value or just add to core value of STEEM? Is just being a "tribe" with a better front end good enough reason to invest? This is something I think each person needs to decide.

A few have found ways to create sinks (burn their tokens to help reduce supply or other ways to create demand) like NEOXAG. They have multiple sinks and considering I'd say @neoxian is one of the more business minded people on steem it makes sense this token has a chance of long term success.

Back to all the other Tribes out there. I'm not saying buying or owning their tokens isn't a good move. Your question is about what is the best investment. I think that if you are part of a group that tries to expand by issuing a token it's a good thing to support them. IMO there are plenty of projects worth supporting and just maybe a few of them will figure out how to add value to their token holders. If this happens your support of a community you believe in could turn out profitable, if not at least you used a little of your money to help support something you believe in...think part of our income should always be dedicated to this.

The tokens I feel most positive about are:
neoxian - most orgnized
marlians - trying to help little people on steem
steemleo - all about crypto and money
creativecoin - rewards creative posts
photography - rewards photo posts

But I am not investing in any of them aside from using the tags and staking the coins when I get them in post payouts and curation rewards. I do not have money to invest here, and all I get is by blogging. I feel like we are in a big state of flux, and while I hope and plan for the best, I am not sure putting money in right now is the best idea.

Whichever ones you feel good about, go in the discords, review the posts daily, and get involved. I think that is the way you can find those most suited to you.

Dear @loro68, as far i understood right now, the only coins having some roi are tipu and palcoin.
I use sportstalksocial too but the coin value is very low and my recent posts got very few amount.
I am now watching Epicdice token, even without play on it you can get daily reward on profit generated...

Hi, the best I know is Q token from Qurator. For owning it, you receive the daily payout in STEEM. You get worth approx 20-40% p.a., depends on a few things. If you delegate SP to @qurator, you also get free Q tokens every day. Definitely the best economy of the tokens I found.
My next tip is RORS token, because it will be used in Road Of Rich STEEM game, which is being developed and it should be really good blockchain game. Check it out also.
I also like NOBEL token, because it supports charities.

I think BATTLE has a chance at success as gaming is popular on the Steem blockchain. It has a couple small sinks already (@battlegames SM tournaments usually require BATTLE to enter + the Dgamemarket accepts battle as payments for games). Hopefully more sinks are on the way.

I have also went in on SPT (splintertalk) due to the success of Steemmonsters/Splinterlands. The coin lost some value but it currently doesn't have any sinks so with that in consideration I think its still doing decent. Hopefully the minds over at @steemmonsters are planning some sinks for this token.

I think AFIT, TPU and QURATOR tokens

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Honestly... none. I don't see these tokens getting up in value at the moment. TPU is having some delegation bonuses as far as I know, but I don't believe investing (in the real sense of the word) in STEEM eng. tokens will bring anything good. And I'm sorry to say, but the Steem engine platform is let's not say miserable, but hard to use and lacking data. Esp. for those who want to trade. So IMO Steem might be your best choice at the end of the day.

Hi! I'm from the CTP tribe. You might find this article helpful... I get insights from it too ^_^


@loro68, At this moment it's hard to tell which is the most effective Tribe Token because market of these tokens are really dynamic. Good luck and stay blessed.

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